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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy
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Of the following, what is not one of the reasons that Homer and Marge don’t get to snuggle as often as they might like?
Bart sees a UFO
Goodtime Slim, Uncle Dooby and the Great Frisco Freak-Out is on TV
Homer accidentally belches on Marge
The Simpsons go to a bookstore so Homer and Marge can buy something up spice up their marriage. Marge pretends to be reading Tanks of the Third Reich and Homer pretends to be reading:
Return to the Gold Standard
Do-It-Yourself Coffins
We Never Went To The Moon
Lisa buys a copy of Al Gore’s book, Sane Planning, Sensible Tomorrow. When Al Gore hears the news, what song does he play?
Walking on Sunshine, by Katrina and the Waves
Everybody Have Fun Tonight, by Wang Chung
Celebrate, by Kool and the Gang
Funky Town, by Pseudo Echo
There’s only one room left at the Aphrodite Inn – the Utility Room. Homer and Marge are interrupted by the hotel manager because he needs:
ammonia, lots of ammonia
paper towels
the first-aid kit
the wet-dry vacuum
Grampa has a love tonic. Legend has it his great-grandpappy stumbled upon this recipe when he was trying to invent a cheap substitute for
root beer
cod liver oil
holy water
snake venom
Homer drinks Grandpa’s tonic, and immediately sends the kids to a movie then Patty and Selma’s. The footage at the Stock Film Festival includes all the following except:
a train entering a tunnel
a rocket blasting off into space
hot dogs on a conveyor belt
Fill in the blanks: Marge says that Homer is ________ and _________ rolled into one.
Rex Harrison, Paul Anka
Cliff Robertson, Frankie Avalon
Albert Finney, Gene Pitney
Maximilian Schell, Tom Jones
Why doesn’t Homer want to spend more time with his father?
he smells funny
he reminds Homer of death
his New Year’s resolution
he tells these boring stories that never go anywhere, like the time he went to the store to buy rutabagas, but they didn’t have any rutabagas, only turnips, so he asked the guy...
Homer and Abe go on the road to sell their tonic – they plan to visit all the following towns except:
Frigid Falls
Prude Rapids
Mount Seldom
Lake Flaccid
Abe and Homer pass by the house Homer grew up in. Homer wants to find:
where he used to watch TV
the hot dog tree
the place where he met Santa
where he stashed those magazines
Bart and friends believe they have uncovered a fiendish plot to eliminate the meal of dinner. Under whose supervision is this plot occurring?
the Rand Corporation
the saucer people
Skull and Bones
reverse vampires
Homer and Grampa manage to burn down the farmhouse, but Abe does manage to say that he was always proud that Homer:
wasn’t a short man
learned to drive a car
has only been arrested for misdemeanors
married above himself

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