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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Bart vs. Australia
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Lisa wins Bart’s stupid bathroom products race because she got the inside track. What was she racing?
In Rand McNally, they wear hate on their feet and:
horses ride people
hamburgers eat people
cars drive people
televisions watch people
This Southern Hemisphere intrigues Bart, and he calls Squatters Crog, Australia posing as a representative of:
The World Sewer Foundation
The Global Flushing Initiative
The International Drainage Commission
The United Nations Department of Toilets and Bidets
What distracts Bart from his phone call to Squatter’s Crog?
an ice cream truck accident
an opportunity to egg Skinner’s house
a bakery caught fire and downtown smells like cookies
two dogs going at it
Bruno Drundridge doesn’t appreciate being charged $900 dollaridoos for a collect call, and complains to the Prime Minister, Andy. What’s Andy doing?
fishing with sticks of dynamite
wrestling a crocodile
drinking beer naked in a floating inner tube
dipping the sheep
What anniversary is Australia celebrating on its postage stamp?
30 years of electricity
150 years without convicts
200 years of sheep
20 years of voting rights for Aboriginals
The Hurt Feelings of Australia montages America’s short-lived infatuation with Australia through Jacko, Crocodile Dundee, Koala Blue and Subway Vegemite subs. How did this come to a halt?
Cricket exhibition match
Dame Edna Everage
Yahoo Serious film festival
Savage Garden
The Simpsons are going to Australia! Overcome with emotion at the sight of a toilet flushing counter-clockwise in the US Embassy, what song does Homer sing?
America the Beautiful
Stars and Stripes Forever
Hail to the Chief
My Country, ‘Tis Of Thee
The Simpsons do some sightseeing. What does the sign of the Cultural Centre say?
Four Types of Football
A Tribute To Air Supply
Cart Your Arse On In
We Also Have An Opera House
Lisa would love to see Bart’s public humiliation, but what is too exciting to pass up?
the Waggamurma Convict Memorial
the Gillabagong Jellyfish Aquarium
the Wolumbaloo Dirt Monument
the Southern Hemisphere’s largest aluminium structure
What would the Australian squeaky-voices teen have called bullfrogs?
The Simpsons escape Australia, and are taken back to America on a laundry ship, the:
USS Alexander Haig
USS Walter Mondale
USS John Anderson
USS Spiro Agnew

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