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How Well Do You Know: Honeymoon in Vegas
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1. Private investigator Jack Singer is hired by a paranoid man who believes his wife is having an affair with...who?
Sean Connery
Mike Tyson
George Bush
Don Mattingly
2. What does Jack's girlfriend Betsy do for a living?
switchboard operator
elementary school teacher
event planner
3. Where are Jack and Betsy when he tells her they should fly to Vegas to elope?
in the car on the way home from a date
in bed
at the grocery store
standing outside City Hall
4. Gambler Tommy Korman first notices and is drawn to Betsy because she:
looks like his dead wife
is wearing his favorite color
winks at him as she walks into the hotel
is drinking his favorite brand of wine
5. What is Jack offered immediately after losing $65,000 to Tommy in a poker hand?
a sandwich
a bag to breathe into
a fruit plate
a loaded gun
6. Where are Jack and Betsy when they are fighting about the "alternative arrangement" that Tommy has proposed?
a boxing match
a show
a wedding chapel
their room
7. How did Tommy's wife Donna die?
car accident
skin cancer
heart attack
8. Where does Tommy take Betsy for their weekend together?
another hotel in Vegas
Napa Valley wine country
New York City
9. Tommy tries his best to keep up with the younger, more energetic Betsy in Hawaii. Which of these activities do they NOT do during their first few days there?
horseback riding
10. How does Jack find out Tommy and Betsy's exact whereabouts in Kauai?
he finds Tommy's number by calling Information
he hires a fellow private investigator to track them down
he sees them on a TV news report
he gets a phone call from Betsy, saying she misses him
11. The taxi driver who is paid to bring Jack "anywhere but Tommy's place" was named after what fish by his fisherman father?
mahi mahi
12. Jack is brought to Chief Orman's house, who stalls him further by talking about:
his hair
the weather
13. After proposing to Betsy, Tommy lies to her about:
his reasons for wanting to marry her
his net worth
the amount of money Jack owed him
the amount of time he wants to stay in Hawaii
14. After being arrested, Jack is thrown into a prison cell with a man who is:
cutting into his arms with a pen cap
trying to hang himself with a bed sheet
15. Who informs Jack, who has just made bail, of Tommy's plans to marry Betsy back in Las Vegas?
taxi driver Mahi Mahi
Chief Orman
Tommy's second-hand man Johnny Sandwich
Niko, employee at the Korman house
16. Jack tries to get a flight back to Las Vegas but the next flight won't leave in time for him to stop the wedding. The closest flight he can get is landing...where?
Los Angeles
San Jose
Long Beach
17. After Tommy pulls a few strings resulting in Jack's flight out of San Jose being cancelled, Jack finds a flight that will get him to Vegas. Unfortunately for him, it's with:
a FedEx plane, carrying packages
a very inexperienced student pilot
a friend of Tommy's
skydivers dressed like Elvis
18. Betsy tells Tommy she is having doubts about their quickie wedding, and wants to wait so they can get to know each other better. He responds by:
crying until she relents
offering her money to marry him immediately
accusing her of still being in love with Jack
threatening to kill her
19. Betsy escapes Tommy and blends into the crowd by dressing up as:
a showgirl
a waitress
a chef
20. How does Betsy find out that Jack is looking for her in Vegas?
He leaves a message for her on his answering machine back home
Johnny Sandwich points Jack out to her as he's pulling his parachute
She hears his name announced as he's landing on the ground
Tommy tries to steer her away from the Flying Elvis landing zone and she figures out why

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