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How Well Do You Know: Requiem for a Dream
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1. Let's get a challenging one out of the way right out of the gate. Uh, which Wayans is in this one?
Keenen Ivory
2. Be excited! Be be excited! What kind of product does Tabby Tibbons, an infomercial host, hawk to people like Sara Goldfarb?
Gold coins
Exercise equipment
Juice and diet plan
3. Harry and Tyrone take Harry's mom's television all across the city to pawn for drug money at the start of our journey. What season does our title card say it is?
4. What music group is responsible for the films awesome and equally haunting score?
Kronos Quartet
Emerson String Quartet
Lotus Symphony
Timers Trio
5. What are Harry and Marion up to when we first encounter the love birds?
Laying at the bottom of an empty pool
Having sex in the shower
Breaking onto a building's roof top
Making drug deals on Coney Island
6. What starts Sara's obsession with fitting back into a red dress she's kept all this time?
Harry is getting married to Marion
Her husband Seymour is coming home
She's told she has been selected to be on television
She got a new job
7. And while originally it starts as just a dream to move up the drug food chain and become dealers and get a piece of the pie, there's a deeper ambition in Harry's thoughts. What is that?
To leave New York for Florida
To go back to school and be something for his mom
To help get Tyrone's brother bailed out of jail
To open a store with Marion
8. The theatrical version of the film is unrated, but would have received an NC-17 for intense depiction of drug addiction, graphic sexuality, strong language and some violence. But let's talk about nudity! Who shows us some skin first?
Harry, stripping to enter the shower with Marion
Marion, exploring herself in the bathroom mirror while high
Tyrone, getting busy with his girlfriend on a mattress in the floor
Sara, at the clinic getting her prescription diet pills
9. The ladies that Sara Goldfarb gets diet and life advice from are all doing what social activity together?
Playing cards
Sunbathing outside the building
Doing water aerobics
Dining outside a restaurant
10. We're introduced to Arnold who has an interesting relationship with Marion. Who is he?
Her therapist
Her pastor
Her ex-husband
Her parole officer
11. Sara has taken her pills, and absolutely cannot watch Tabby. What does she end up doing?
Goes on a shopping spree for a new wardrobe
Roams all around New York
Cleans her apartment top to bottom
Sleeps almost comatose the entire day
12. Before everything starts to slip away, there is a moment, one single moment, when maybe it can be saved. What is that key moment?
Harry and Tyrone see another dealer get busted
Marion realizes she is pregnant
Brodie, their dealer, runs out of supply
Harry realizes his mother is under the influence of speed
13. When Sara starts mixing her pills, what rather disturbing thing happens?
Her refrigerator starts to come alive
She projectile vomits her dinner
She assaults the mail man for not bringing her television invitation
She tears at her hair and clothes and runs outside
14. Things aren't going so well for Tyrone, Harry, and Marion anymore either. Their dealer got shot up, a gang war is brewing, and the streets are drying up. Angel says new prime stuff is coming, but it's double. So what's the plan?
Marion is going to have to sleep with Arnold for cash
Tyrone and Harry are going to rob a few businesses for cash
Harry is going to have to return Sara's new TV for cash
Tyrone is going to have give some anonymous men oral sex for cash
15. When the new shipment comes, where does the deal go down (and then go bad?)
Coney Island
Abandoned movie theater
Grocery store
Bathroom at a night club
16. There is a particularly inspired hallucination Sara has when she's popping pills like candy. What is NOT part of that particularly crazy segment.
Her apartment is torn away to reveal its a television studio
Tabby Tibbons makes out with a alternate version of her
Sara's refrigerator opens and floods the place with diet pills
The whole Juice by Tabby staff and audience does a conga
17. Winter arrives, and it's rough going for our foursome. Which of the following is NOT how a character tries to deal with their addiction?
Tyrone and Harry take a road trip to Florida
Harry begins to deal in lesser drugs to work his way up again
Sara heads to the television studio to find out when she's supposed to be on
Marion goes to see a guy who calls himself "Little John" but he's really Big Tim
18. Things really start to slide. Sara's stuck in a psych ward, Marion is about to preform seriously lewd acts with another girl for drugs, and Tyrone and Harry get busted by the law somewhere south of the Mason Dixon line. What's the one (false) glimmer of hope that occurs during this quickly escalating darkness?
Marion discovers she's pregnant with Harry's child
Tyrone escapes from the chain gang
Sara begins to recover when Harry visits
Harry calls Marion and tells her he's coming home tomorrow
19. While I know it's quite difficult, every quick shot, every frame abusive, who can keep their eyes on the screen. Nevertheless, what's the last thing we see before we reach the climax of the film? (Note: We are talking about the theatrical version aka director's cut.)
Marion and another girl ass to ass
Tyrone retching from working while going through withdrawal
Harry's arm being removed
Sara taking a fourth round of electric shock treatment
20. Hurray! You survived this brutal movie and quiz. Oh, wait, there is one more thing I wanted to know. Did anyone get any Academy Awards for doing all of this?
Yes! Ellen Burstyn got an Oscar for Best Actress
Yes! Jennifer Connelly got an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress
No. But Darren Aronofsky was nominated for an Oscar for Best Director
No. But Ellen Burstyn was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress

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