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How Well Do You Know: The Last Boy Scout
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Damon Wayans just missed being the Jamie Foxx of his time.

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1. Who plays Cory, the stripper?
Halle Berry
Vivica Fox
Star Jones
Vanessa Williams
2. What was Joe ‘Joseph’ Hallenbeck's former profession?
CIA Operative
Irish Folk Dancer
New York City Police Detective
Secret Service Agent
3. Bruce McGill plays Mike, Joe's best friend. Where is Mike found after sleeping with Joe's wife?
In the bushes
In the closet
In the shower
Under the bed
4. Where does Joe give Mike the choice to be hit?
Face or crotch
Head or gut
He blows him up
Knees, elbows and toes
5. How does Cory die?
In the back of a dump truck
In a car rigged with explosives
In a hail of bullets
In a horrible pole dancing accident
6. Damon Wayans' character, Jimmy Dix, had what number shaved into the back of his head?
5 3/8
7. How much did he pay for his leather pants?
He traded a TV for them
8. Complete this quote: “We’re being beat up by the inventor of…?”
Chutes and Ladders
9. The title of the movie refers to something Jimmy Dix writes on __________?
A cocktail napkin
A dead guy's sweatshirt
A football card
Halle Berry's chest
10. “ ________ EATS THE TAPE!”
The dog
Fast forward
11. How does Joe kill the man who keeps hitting him?
Driving over him with a car
Punching him in the face and driving his nose into his brain
Ripping out his still beating heart
Shooting him with a handgun
12. According to Jimmy, what would Joe do?
“Drink a beer and get a lap dance”
“Punch somebody and leave”
"Say something cool”
“Shoot everybody and smoke some cigarettes”
13. How does Jimmy get Senator Bayard's attention?
Dancing a jig
Driving a car into his pool
Taking off his shirt and pretending to be the new page
Throwing a football at him while riding a horse
14. How does Taylor Negron’s character, Milo the Assassin, die?
Getting shot and then falling into the blades of a helicopter
Getting hung with a chain
Being mauled by someone wearing a bear suit
Under the careful attention of Leather Top
15. What does Joe do after killing Milo?
Dances a jig
Kisses his wife and gets on a motorcycle
Kisses his wife and punches out a reporter
Realizes he's already dead

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