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How Well Do You Know: Blazing Saddles
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1. Which of the following is not listed in the "Screenplay by" credit?
Redd Foxx
Mel Brooks
Richard Pryor
Andrew Bergman
2. Seen only on the nameplate on Hedley Lamarr's desk, what is his position in the state government?
Lieutenant Governor
Attorney General
Supreme Court Justice
Director of Tourism
3. In what year does Blazing Saddles (mostly) take place?
4. How many flavors does Howard Johnson's Ice Cream Parlor serve?
5. The Waco Kid has killed more men than...?
Mel Brooks
Adolph Hitler
John Wayne
Cecil B DeMille
6. In the song "Tired" what doesn't Lili von Shtupp sing of being tired of?
Love uninspired
Playing the game
Being admired
Fortune and fame
7. What Western actor do the townsfolk of Rock Ridge treat with extreme reverence?
Ronald Reagan
John Wayne
Randolph Scott
Gary Cooper
8. How does Lili von Shtupp describe Sheriff Bart after their night together?
A real stud
A nice guy
A swell screw
A big schmuck
9. What candy does Hedley Lamarr buy at Grauman's Chinese Theater?
Milk Duds
10. In Haley versus United States, what was the final score?
Haley 0, United States 7
Haley 5, United States 4
Haley 3, United States 3
Haley 7, United States 0
11. Hedley Lamarr has an unusual portrait in his office. What is it of?
A man riding a cow
A man and woman with their backs turned
A nude of Lili von Shtupp
Man landing on the Moon
12. The man in the wheelchair being hanged by Boris is associated with what crimes according to Hedley Lamarr?
Stampeding camels
The Dr. Gillespie killings
Assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand
Insulting Governor Le Petomane
13. Governor Le Petomane agrees to offer what in compensation for taking Indian lands?
Tinker Toys
Mardis Gras beads
14. What plan for scaring off the citizens of Rock Ridge does Taggart suggest to Hedley Lamarr after Hedley dismisses killing first born children as "too Jewish."
The Tijuana Special
The Foxtrot
A Number Six
A Snake-Eye Shoot-Out
15. Which of the following does Reverend Johnson not list as a reason for leaving Rock Ridge?
Crops burned
People stampeded
Cattle raped
Pigs poked
16. Gabby Johnson speaks what form of Gibberish?
Authentic Frontier
Authentic Esperanto
Original Old West
17. Sheriff Bart heads for Rock Ridge riding a horse outfitted with saddlebags bearing the name...?
Levi Strauss
18. Gene Wilder's character is known as The Waco Kid, but his given name is...?
19. How does The Waco Kid respond to Bart saying "a man drink like that and he don't eat, he is going to die!"?
How soon?
20. Why did The Waco Kid give up gunfighting and take up heavy drinking?
He was shot by a six year old
He was shot by his horse
He lost his gun playing poker
Doctor's orders
21. Sheriff Bart's family brings up the rear of a wagon train heading West. What fate befalls the rest of the wagon train?
Attacked by Nazis
Caught in a tornado
Stampeded by cattle
Attacked by the Sioux Nation
22. Apart from calling them morons, The Waco Kid uses several other phrases to describe the townspeople of Rock Ridge. Which of the following did he not use?
Simple farmers
Common clay of the new West
God-fearing souls
People of land
23. What happens if you shoot Mongo?
You'll just make him mad
The bullets bounce off
He cries
He turns green
24. What is Sheriff Bart's limit on schnitzengruben?
25. Which of the following is not used to describe Lili von Shtupp?
Hanoverian Harridan
Teutonic Titwillow
Bavarian Bombshell
Teutonic Twat
26. Hedley Lamarr seeks "Heartless Villians for Destruction of Rock Ridge". How much per day does he offer in pay?
27. While recruiting "rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists", Hedley Lamarr shoots a man for doing what?
Spitting on line
Chewing gum without sharing
Insulting Governor Le Petomane
28. When trying to infiltrate Hedley Lamarr's gang of villains, what does Bart claim as his qualification for joining?
Kidnapping Congress
Raping the Queen of England
Stampeding cattle through the Vatican
Sleeping with the Governor's mistress
29. The film breaks the "forth wall" when the fight between the residents of Rock Ridge and Hedley Lamarr's gang spills into the Warner Brothers lot. What location does the fight NOT take place in?
Filming of the musical number "The French Mistake"
The Warner Brothers commissary
The street in front of the Warner Brothers lot
Filming of a science fiction film
30. Sheriff Bart shoots Hedley Lamarr in the groin on the Walk of Fame in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater. Lamarr falls to the ground on the footprints of what actor with small feet?
Hedy Lamarr
Douglas Fairbanks
John Wayne
Mel Brooks

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