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How Well Do You Know: Joe Vs The Volcano
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1. Joe's day starts out just going bad. What happens as soon as he gets out of the car?
His jacket gets caught in door
His shoe splits
He trips
He drops his wallet in mud
2. Joe works at a real dead end job: he's a advertising librarian at a medical supply company. The factory's sign on the gate brags it's home of the what?
Rectal probe
Vomit bag
Enema bag
3. Mr Waturi is a real jerk. He's very mad at Joe, for having something he feels is inappropriate on Joe's desk. What was the item?
A plant
A hula girl
A radio
A lamp
4. Joe visits the doctor, who tells him he's dying. What's the name of the disease?
Brain fog
Brain fuzz
Brain cloud
Brain bug
5. Joe returns to work, and really lets his boss have it. Joe can't believe he put up with his bosses crap, for such little pay. How much was Joe earning a week?
6. A guy named Samuel Graynamore gives Joe a interesting business proposition. He thinks Joe's a hero because, Joe use to do what for a living?
Life guard
Police man
7. Joe needs help spending the money Mr. Graynamore gave him. He gets help and fashion advice from Marshall. What is Marshall's occupation?
Hotel clerk
Limo driver
Taxi cab driver
8. Mr. Graynamore is building superconductors. The mineral that is needed to make the Superconductors is called what?
9. Joe meets Mr. Graynamore's daughter Angelica, who describes herself as a flibbertigibbit. Joe tries to talk her out something she really wants to do. What is it?
Move to New York
Be an artist
Kill herself
Go on the trip with him
10. Joe also meets Angelica's sister Patricia. She's being really snotty,and keeps calling Joe what name?
11. Patricia is in a real bad mood. What does she blame for getting her so down?
The sunshine
Her sister
The clouds
Taking the trip
12. Joe boards a beautiful private yacht. What is the name of the boat?
Tweedle Dum
The White Queen
The White knight
Tweedle Dee
13. Joe spends his first day on the yacht fishing. Joe and the entire crew of the yacht is surprised when Joe catches what kind of fish?
Jelly fish
Humpback whale
Hammerhead shark
Great White shark
14. The boat Tweedle Dee sinks like the Titanic. What has happened to the boat?
It hits an iceberg
It hits rocks
It capsizes
It is struck by lightning
15. Joe's stranded on floating steamer trunks. He finds a oldie station on the radio and boogies down. What song does Joe rock out to?
Shake a Tail Feather
Twist and Shout
Come Go with Me
Splish Splash
16. Joe has left all of his old life behind him, except one treasured item from his past. What item has Joe decided to keep with him?
A book
A ukulele
A photo
A hat
17. Joe does a number of things on the luggage raft, to keep himself busy. What activity does he NOT do?
Play a song on the ukulele
Play golf
Play solitaire
18. Meg Ryan is Tom Hanks' co-star in the movie. How many characters does she play in the film?
19. What is the name of the island Joe and Patricia land on?
Waponi Wee
Waponi Woo
Waponi Waa
Waponi Woh
20. The Waponi's have a strange obsession with this beverage. What kind of drink is it?
Orange soda
Bartles and James wine coolers
21. The cheif's name is Toby, and he must carry something around with him. What is the item?
His Wife
His blanket
His dinner
His soul
22. What do the Waponi's call the volcano which Joe has to jump in?
The Smoking Dragon
The Hot Woo
The Fire Woo
The Big Woo
23. A well know comedic actor has a small role, as one of the cheif's warriors. He gets the crowd pumped up and leads the dances and chants. Who is the actor?
Bill Murray
Nathan Lane
Tim Allen
Robin Williams
24. When Joe and Patricia go to jump into the Volcano, what happens to them?
They die
They decide not to do it
They get blown out
They land on a rock below
25. What do Joe and Patricia promise each other to do, while they are floating away in the ocean?
To love each other forever
To get back at her father
To always take Joe's luggage along
To never jump in a volcano again

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