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How Well Do You Know: The Monster Squad
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1. Sean and Patrick are in the Principal's office. Patrick confesses that Sean and other kids call Mrs. Carlson a name. What do they call her?
Cat Lady
Meow Meow
Meow Mix
Kitty Cat
2. E.J. is the school bully, who picks on Fat Kid. Jason Harvey who plays E.J. is also know for what popular 80's tv show?
Growing Pains
Hogan Family
Small Wonder
Wonder Years
3. Sean's little sister Phoebe really wants to be in the monster club. She tells Sean he has to let her in, otherwise their mom will say it's:
4. Through most of the movie, Sean's tee shirt has somthing written on it. What does it say?
They Live
Monsters Forever
Stephen King Rules
Freddy Kruger Rules
5. Sean's mother buys him a present from a garage sale. What is the gift?
Cool tee shirt
A diary
Monster book
Movie poster
6. The movie centers around a magical stone. It can be used for good or evil. What's the stone called?
7. Sean, Patrick, Fat Kid and Eugene ask Rudy monster questions as a test for him to join the club. Which one is NOT a question?
Is Frankenstein the name of the monster or the guy who made him?
What are the two ways to kill a vampire?
How do you kill a mummy?
How do you kill a werewolf?
8. There's a old man who helps the Monster Squad out more than once. We never find out his name...we just know him by the name they call him:
Freaky German man
Scary German guy
Crazy German guy
Old German man
9. Fat Kid really likes Scary German guy. As a matter a fact he likes him so much he says, "Scary German guy's....."
Bad ass
Really cool
10. There are five different monsters in the film. Which one is NOT in the movie?
11. As in any good movie, there's a cute doggie. The dog belongs to Eugene and helps the guys out. What's that cute dog's name?
12. A mummy has walked off all by himself. How old is that mummy?
2,000 years old
3,000 years old
4,000 years old
5,000 years old
13. "Ohhh, look at that big scary monster." Poor Eugene is not sleeping in his parents' bed. It's too bad, because in his closet is:
The swamp creature
The werewolf
The mummy
14. Sean receives a weird phone message. When he unscrambles the words, he figures out the call came from:
Van Helsing
Wolf man
The devil
15. Sean is really upset he can't go to the drive-in. All he wants to do is go see a stupid movie...what's the movie called?
Day the Monsters Came 10
Killer Spiders 8
Death to all Monsters 7
Groundhogs Day 12
16. Who takes dirty pictures of Patrick's sister?
Fat Kid
17. When Eugene is with Pete at the swamp, a monster shows up. What does he tell the others that has happened to him?
Swamp man scare me
Creature stole my Twinkie
Monster almost got me
Bad guy over there
18. Someone warns Sean's dad about Dracula coming after his son. Who calls to warn him?
Detective Sapir
Scary German guy
19. Sean, Patrick, Eugene and Fat Kid are in the old house on Shadow Brook road. They narrowly escape Dracula. It's a good thing they had this on hand:
Garlic bulb
Wooden stake
20. Look out, wolfman is after Fat Kid. Sean gives Fat Kid good advice, and Fat Kid doesn't believe him. As it turns out, Sean is right that:
Wolfman has balls
Wolfman has nuts
Wolfman has nards
Wolfman has nads
21. Eugene writes for help, because monsters are coming. Who does he write to?
The Army
The National guard
The police
The Marines
22. Fat Kid shoots and kills the swamp creature. E.J. is so impressed he congrats Fat Kid by telling him good job. Fat Kid answers back with what?
My name's not Fat Kid!
My name is Howard
My name is Henry
My name is Horace
23. Sean blows up a monster with dynamite. Unfortunately the monster puts himself back together again. Which monster was is?
The mummy
The swamp creature
24. When the Monster Squad needs a virgin, they think of Patrick's sister. It turns out, she's not a virgin at all. When she is asked about it, she replies:
It was only once!
It was real quick!
It doesn't count!
I didn't even like it!
25. Phoebe doesn't want Frankenstein to leave. As he gets sucked into the whirlwind, she tosses him something and yells goodbye. What does she give him?
Scraps the dog
Patches the bunny
Binkie the bear
Ruffles the kitty

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