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How Well Do You Know: She's Out of My League
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1. At the beginning of the film, Kirk's romantic life is unusual in that:
He's a virgin
His ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend frequently visit his family's house
He loses a bet with his friends on how soon his girlfriend will dump him
He gets dumped on the night he proposes to his girlfriend
2. Ron, the boyfriend of Kirk's ex Marnie, refers to Kirk by this nickname:
3. Kirk works at the airport in this city, which serves as the setting for the film:
4. Molly and Kirk's relationship is formed because of the fact that she leaves this item behind as she goes through security:
Her purse
An earring
A belt
Her phone
5. When she returns to town, Kirk meets with Molly at an event she is planning at:
A museum
A hospital
A marina
A swank hotel
6. Kirk's first sort-of date with Molly is a this type of sporting event:
A football game
A polo match
A hockey game
A baseball game
7. Kirk's friend Stainer rates Molly as a ________ while stating that Kirk is a lowly ________:
10 / 5
9.5 / 4
10 / 4
9 / 6
8. Molly asks Kirk out to dinner, where:
Kirk is allergic to everything on the menu
Marnie shows up and embarrasses Kirk
Kirk manages to set the table linens on fire
Kirk is dressed like the the waiters
9. At the restaurant, Kirk meets Molly's ex named _______, (Kirk asks him if it's short for _________):
Wes / Wesley
Ox / Oxley
Cam / Cameron
Max / Maximilian
10. While Molly is an event planner, she went to school to be a/n:
11. When Molly comes to Kirk's family's house for lunch, Kirk's brother guesses that she is at the house for the following reasons, except for:
Kirk hit her car
She's a social worker
She's a Jehovah's Witness
She's a hooker
12. Molly discloses the following when Kirk's brother invites her to go swimming:
She's afraid of water
She's not wearing any underwear
She used to date Kirk's brother
A shark killed her brother
13. After lunch, Kirk reluctantly joins his brother in the basement for a sport-based ritual called:
Sudden Death Death Match
Shoot-out Supremacy
Slapshot Regatta
Ultimate Championship of Awesomeness
14. Stainer has a theory the one of the only ways you can jump more than two points in a relationship is if:
One of the two people is a 10
You're in a band
You're a pilot
Both people have the same color hair
15. Kirk and Molly make out in her apartment, when they are interrupted by the unexpected arrival of her parents. Who else comes in?
Molly's friend Patty
Molly's sister
Molly's grandmother
16. After leaving several messages for Molly, Kirk finally catches up with her at:
An air show
A swim meet
A volleyball tournament
A car show
17. In explaining his premature ejaculation to Molly, Kirk uses this marine metaphor to describe his stained pants:
18. After telling Kirk he thinks Kirk is gay, Cam takes off in a jet with this call sign on the side:
Night Warrior
Meat Sandwich
Sex Panther
Foot Long
19. In preparation for sleeping with Molly, Kirk's friend Jack advises him to partake in "prep work," namely:
Shaving his testicles
Taking ED medication
Doing 100 pushups
Braiding his pubic hair
20. At a party, Stainer performs in a tribute band - not a cover band - which plays the music of:
Air Supply
Van Halen
Hall and Oates
Huey Lewis and the News
21. What is the occasion of the party?
Molly's sister's graduation
Molly's sister's 21st birthday
Molly's parents anniversary
New Year's Eve
22. Molly embarrasses Kirk by telling her parents that he is in this profession:
Health care
Law enforcement
23. A semi-undressed Molly shows Kirk something she is self-conscious about. What is it?
She has an outie instead an innie
Her pinky is as long as her other fingers
She has a UFO-shaped mole on her butt
Her toes are webbed
24. The climax of the film comes as Kirk's family is about to take a vacation to this tourist location:
Lake Tahoe
Niagra Falls
25. Kirk doesn't go on the vacation with his family because:
Stainer calls in a bomb threat on the plane
Jack causes a mechanical failure
Molly flashes the pilot
Kirk jumps out an emergency exit door

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