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How Well Do You Know: Glee Cast Member Trivia
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1. Glee wasn't the first time that Ryan Murphy developed a series that would find headlines and controversy. Prior to Glee, Murphy created this cable network series:
Sons of Anarchy
The Shield
2. Not limited to his work in television, Ryan Murphy directed this recent chick flick:
The Notebook
Eat, Pray, Love
Dear John
Letters to Juliet
In one of the series' signature promo posters, the actor/actress behind which character appears above Rachel Berry, signifying that Rachel is a loser?
By way of explanation.....

4. Heather Morris's fans can tell you that her rise to fame largely began when she was a back-up dancer for this singer during her 2007 world tour and subsequent performance on the American Music Awards:
Carrie Underwood
5. In a multi-episode story arch on Heroes, Jayma Mays played an ill-fated, ability-enhanced girl with this name:
6. When audiences first saw Kevin McHale on Glee, many recognized him from his hilarious guest starring role as a kidnapped pizza delivery boy on this NBC sitcom:
Parks and Recreation
30 Rock
The Office
7. Before he was on Glee, working under the stage name Jericho, he released his debut album Smoke Signals in 2008. He is:
Corey Monteith
Chris Colfer
Matthew Morrison
Mark Salling
8. Like OMG. Each of the following Glee cast members were nominated for the Breakout Star award at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards....all except for:
Lea Michele
Mark Salling
Dianna Agron
Kevin McHale
9. This was the first Glee cast member to win an Emmy award for his/her work on the show:
Lea Michele
Matthew Morrison
Chris Colfer
Jane Lynch
10. And speaking of the Emmys, this person who made an appearance on the show's first season won an Emmy for Guest Actor/Actress in a Comedy Series:
Mike O'Malley
Neil Patrick Harris
Kristin Chenoweth
Josh Groban
11. Which of the following Glee regulars is youngest?
Naya Rivera
Corey Monteith
Chris Colfer
Amber Riley
By way of explanation.....
Rivera: January 12, 1987; Monteith: May 11, 1982; Colfer: May 27, 1990; Riley: February 15, 1986
12. This pair of cast members was not born in the United States:
Jenna Ushkowitz and Corey Monteith
Lea Michele and Naya Rivera
Mark Salling and Heather Morris
Matthew Morrison and Jayma Mays
By way of explanation.....
Jenna was born in South Korea, Corey in Canada
13. If you look closely, you can spot Matthew Morrison as Ray, the manager for a pop singer, in this music-related movie:
High Fidelity
Music and Lyrics
Camp Rock
14. This series regular or guest star won a Tony award for his/her work on Broadway in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown:
Kristin Chenoweth
Matthew Morrison
Chris Colfer
Jane Lynch
15. Scandal! everyone cried over the November 2010 GQ photo shoot, which included three of the four cast members. Which of the below was not in the cover shot?
Corey Monteith
Mark Salling
Dianna Agron
Lea Michele
16. This cast member landed a spot on People magazine's Most Beautiful People list in 2010:
Dianna Agron
Heather Morris
Lea Michele
Amber Riley
17. This Glee star originally auditioned for the role of Artie, which instead went to Kevin McHale. But the casting directors were sufficiently impressed with his talents, that the role he plays was written into the script. Who are we talking about here?
Chris Colfer
Harry Shum, Jr.
Darren Criss
Mark Salling
18. Jessalyn Gilsig doesn't play a teacher on Glee - she just plays someone who was married to one. On this high school-related show, though, Gilsig did in fact play a teacher:
Freaks and Geeks
Boston Public
Miss Guided
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
19. Among the Glee cast regulars, Jane Lynch probably has the most extensive film career. Jane appeared in each of teh following comedies, except for:
The 40-Year-Old Virgin
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Step Brothers
Alvin and the Chipmunks
20. He/she danced in You Got Served. *And* Stomp the Yard. Oh, *and* Step Up 2 the Streets. Now that's a triple threat! He/she is:
Amber Riley
Heather Morris
Lea Michele
Harry Shum, Jr.

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