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How Well Do You Know: Paranormal Activity
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1. An on-screen caption at the film's open tells you the last names of ill-fated Micah and Katie. What are they, respectively?
Sloat and Featherston
Slyke and Westerby
Nathanson and Woodhouse
Sorrenson and Firestone
2. The film takes place in which US city?
San Diego
3. The action in the film occurred over what range of dates?
May 23 - June 16
September 18 - October 8
September 23 - October 30
August 15 - November 1
4. At the beginning of the film, Michah has bought a new:
Ouija board
5. Whose idea was it to attempt to film the spooky occurrences in the house?
Both Michah and Katie arrived a the idea jointly
Katie's sister
6. The film from the first night captures the sound of something falling in the house. The next morning, we learn that it was this item that fell:
A bar glass
A tray of ice cubes
Katie's keys
7. Micah gives the psychic a hard time when he arrives at the house. Why?
The psychic was late in arriving
The psychic went to the wrong house
The psychic addressed Katie as Micah
The psychic wore mis-matched shoes
8. Katie tells the psychic of a haunting that she experienced in her childhood. She recalls seeing a figure resembling:
Her dead sister
A shadowy mass
A freaky clown
9. Katie's family moved from the house she lived in when she first experienced the haunting. Why?
Her father died
Her mother died
The family pets were found mutilated
A fire destroyed the house
10. The psychic leaves, saying that he can't really help Katie and Micah. Why?
He believes a demon, not a ghost, is involved
He doesn't sense anything wrong is going on in the house
He thinks Micah's negative attitude will interfere
Something he senses in the house frightens him badly
11. The footage from night #3 shows visual evidence of something happening in the bedroom for the first time. What is it?
Wind appears to blow through the flowers on the nightstand
Footprints appear on the floor
A chandelier sways
A door opens and closes
12. On night #5, the couple hears a loud bang from somewhere in the house. They were both awake when they heard it. Why?
Katie had awaken with a nightmare
Neither had been able to fall asleep yet
The TV had turned on moments before
Creaking footstep-sounds had woken them up
13. On night #15, a somewhat disoriented Katie appears to awaken and stand next to the bed, looking at Micah. Approximately how long does she stand there before eventually leaving the bedroom?
About two hours
About 15 minutes
About 30 seconds
About four hours
14. Eventually, Micah wakes up and find Katie isn't in bed. Where does he find her?
In the living room down stairs
In the next bedroom
Outside on a swing
Lying on the kitchen counter
15. Cinching up his Bad Idea Jeans, Micah borrows a Ouija board. When the couple is out of the house, the planchette begins to move and:
The board splinters into pieces
The board bursts into flame
The board flips over and flies under the sofa
The board stands on one of its corners and begins to spin
16. What does Micah put on the floor to find evidence of footprints?
Talcum powder
A laser grid
17. What was unusual about the footprints the couple found?
There were three distinct sets
There were footprints coming into the room but not going out
They matched Micah's feet exactly
There appeared to be blood smeared in the power
18. Micah finds a picture of a young Katie in the attic. Katie freaks. Why?
It's a picture of her at her old house, which should have been destroyed in the fire
Something indecipherable is scrawled on Katie's face
Katie's sister, who would have been dead for three years at the time, is visible in the picture
Katie's eyes have been scratched out
19. The couple is terrorized on night #18 as the bedroom door slams and something pounds against it. What happened right before this?
More footprints appeared in the hall
A door further down the hall slammed close
Plates crashed to the floor down in the kitchen
A light in the lower floor turned on then off
20. Trying to recover from the previous harrowing night, the couple hears glass shatter upstairs. What broke?
A picture frame
A window in the bedroom
A mirror in the bathroom
A mirror in the bedroom
21. Aside from the broken item in the previous question, other visual evidence of a daytime occurrence comes in the form of:
A cross on the wall turning upside down
Wind blowing through Katie's hair
Lights in the hallway flickering on and off
A refrigerator door swinging open
22. Micah finds a web site regarding a woman whose experiences closely match those of Katie's. The letters in the woman's name match those scrawled on the Ouija board. What was the name?
23. "It looks like something bit you." Where did something appear to bite Katie?
On her stomach
On her left thigh
On her right thigh
On her back
24. Micah finds Katie clutching something so tightly that she has drawn blood. What is it?
Her car keys
A crucifix
Her eyeglasses
A piece of the shattered picture frame
25. After Katie (plus one) convinces Micah not to leave the house, she mutters:
It will all be over soon
I think we'll be OK now
Just one more night is all we'll need
Tonight is the night
26. Can you put the events of the final night in correct order?
  1. Katie stands over Micah on his side of the bed
  2. A scream awakens Micah
  3. Katie leaves the bedroom
  4. The sheet is pulled off of Micah
A-D-C -B
By way of explanation.....
Katie gets out of bed befor the sheet is pulled off Micah, but she doesn't go over to his side of the bed until after
27. After shotputting Micah's dead body across the room, possessed Katie does this to his corpse before lunging at the camera:
Sniffs it
Gouges his eyes
Drags it back out of the room
Places it in the bed
28. Micah's body was discovered:
The following morning
One day later
Three days later
Seven days later
By way of explanation.....
He died after midnight on October 8; his body was found on the 11th
29. An alternate ending shown at only one public viewing, though available on DVD, shows Katie killing herself by this method:
Throwing herself out of a window
Shooting herself
Hanging herself
Slitting her throat
30. The film was effectively marketed through a "Demand It" campaign in conjunction with which web site?

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