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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Implant
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1. Elaine says she spots fake breasts as well as Jerry spots _____.
Nose jobs
Deaf people
2. "The Implant" features some high-profile guest actors. Teri Hatcher infamously plays the girl Jerry is seeing. What about George?
Nicollette Sheridan
Bebe Neuwirth
Megan Mullally
Edie Falco
3. George hasn't gotten far with the woman he's seeing. The main reason for it is because _____.
She's a virgin
She sits on the wrong side of the couch
She has too many roommates
She doesn't own a television
4. Jerry says that finding out a woman has fake breasts is like finding out _____.
That Mickey Mantle corked his bat
That Major League Baseball is rigged
That George Steinbrenner doesn't really own the Yankees
That your favorite comedian doesn't write his own jokes
5. Kramer says he knows what fake breasts feel like. Why?
He was taught at a young age by his father
He used to work in a doctor's office
He knows a guy who manufactures the prosthetics
He lived in LA for a period of time
6. Elaine reverses her decision on Sidra's breasts. She now thinks they're real. Why?
Elaine asks one of Sidra's friends
Elaine sees her strip in the locker room
Elaine falls into them at the sauna
Sidra has Elaine touch them to see if she feels any lumps
7. A relative in George's girlfriend's family passes away. George elects to go, but hopes to get a death certificate so his airline will give him 50% off his flight. What does he tell the family he needs the certificate for?
A memento
A scrapbook
To settle a bet with a friend
8. Kramer thinks he sees Salmon Rushdie at the health club. When Kramer introduces himself, "Salmon" says his last name is _____.
9. "The Implant" also has the infamous double-dip scene, where one of the principle actors dips one chip more than once. You better get this one, folks, but who did it?
10. George doesn't end up getting a death certificate. Instead, he tries getting 50% off his flight by giving the attendant this.
The will
The funeral program
A picture of him next to the casket
A handwritten letter from the pastor

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