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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Wink
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1. Jerry says between dating a deaf person and dating a blind person, he'd choose deaf. Why?
Because he wouldn't have to rehearse his comedy routine with her
Because he'd always be cleaning up after a blind person
Because he wouldn't have to invest money in reading material written in Braille
Because he figures a deaf person would be better in bed
2. George is the reverse. He'd rather date a blind person. Why?
Because he can let the house go
Because she wouldn't have to see him naked
Because he could sneak around without her knowing
Because a blind person is more identifiable and he'd use it to his advantage in public
3. George begins giving mixed signals after Jerry's piece of fruit squirts into his eye at Monk's. What kind of fruit?
4. Who said it? "Pulp can move, baby!"
5. Elaine goes on a blind date (or, actually, a deaf date) with her wake-up service guy and really likes him. Only thing is she learns he _____, and that's a dealbreaker.
Has an STD
Lives with his parents
Has foot odor
Has two dogs
6. Jerry says that 90 to 95% of the population is undateable. Elaine goes, "Then how are all these people getting together?" What does Jerry say?
It boggles the mind!
7. After embarrassing himself at a restaurant by "only" ordering a salad, Jerry pretends to really enjoy Holly's homemade mutton. In reality, he spits out the food onto napkins. Where does he stuff it?
Under his seat
In the trash can
In his coat pockets
In his shoes
8. He stuffs it into his coat pockets. Leaving, Elaine takes Jerry's coat and is subsequently harassed by _____.
Homeless people
9. George is given an envelope at work, and through a wink, it gets into Kramer's hands. Inside is a _____ signed by the entire Yankees organization.
Birthday card
10. It's a birthday card. The card, actually, ends up in the hands of a hospitalized boy. To get it back, Kramer promises the boy that Paul O'Neill will do this.
Steal three bases
Hit two home runs
Srike out every time he's at bat
Blow the game

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