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How Well Do You Know: The Closer, Season 6 Recap
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1. "The Big Bang": The first murder victim of the season was a man whose body was found in this unusual location:
Encased in a building foundation
In an observatory
Atop a billboard
Dangling from electrical wires
2. "The Big Bang": The squad wires a woman and sends her in to attempt to reconcile with her husband. The woman can't say the original safe word _______, so Brenda suggests _________.
Caterpillar / worm
Barbeque / cookout
Cinnamon / salt
Chipmunk / squirrel
3. "The Big Bang": As most members of suffered through the transition to the new, state-of-the-art police headquarters, this character was most excited about the new building:
4. "Help Wanted": The culprit for the kidnapping/murder of nannies was a/n:
IRS agent
Immigration official
5. "Help Wanted": In a tense standoff, said culprit was gunned down by:
6. "In Custody": A woman was found shot dead in the passenger seat of a car. Brenda's primary suspect, the terminally ill ex-husband of the woman, died:
From cancer
When he was shot by the woman's boyfriend
After Provenza shot him
By his own hand
7. "In Custody": The terminally ill man was later exonerated when Gabriel determined that a _____________ indicated he did not execute the slaying:
Musical score
Telephone call
Television program
Automatic dosing machine
8. "In Custody": Brenda realizes during the episode, that, with respect to whether or not she should apply for Chief of Police:
She is not qualified
None of her squad is capable of running Major Crimes
The Chief of Police job would leave her unfulfilled
The Chief position would mean too much time away from Fritz
9. "Layover": In the funniest The Closer in quite a while, Flynn and Provenza took a liking to a pair of stewardesses. The first two dead bodies in the episode were discovered:
In a a bathtub and in a trailer
In a trailer and in a dumpster
In a dumpster and in a bathtub
In a foot locker and in Provenza's car
10. "Layover": "Chief, do you want me to book these into evidence?" What is Sanchez holding up when he asks Brenda this?
A bra and panties
Cow pattern pillows
Pink fuzzy handcuffs
Candles and incense
11. "Layover": The stewardesses helped to smuggle drugs hidden in:
Air sickness bags
Tiny wine bottles
Shrink-wrapped blankets
Coffee packets
12. "Heart Attack": When Major Crimes is alerted to body parts found in plastic bags, Brenda's first clue to the identity of one of the victims is a pin surgically insert into a/n:
13. "Heart Attack": The boys who were killed for their organs were part of a ring who had committed what crime?
Drug trafficking
14. "Heart Attack": In spite of Sanchez's reluctance to find her, members of the squad track down Ruben's mother, a woman by the name of:
15. "Off the Hook": A woman who was murdered in her house while on the phone with Detective Gabriel held this important civic position:
Attorney General
Head of the state parole board
State Supreme Court justice
Head of the Los Angeles gang task force
16. "Off the Hook": Pope's ill-advised, reactionary plan to catch the killer was dubbed Operation:
Wide Net
Right Retaliation
Vengeful Protection
Swift Justice
17. "Jump the Gun": Brenda and Fritz butted heads during the investigation of a bank robbery gone wrong. The name of the gang suspected in carrying out the robbery contained:
A color
A woman's name
A direction
A car brand
By way of explanation.....
The robbery was carried out by the Dear Jane gang
18. "Jump the Gun": One of the gang who was killed following the robbery was notable for wearing what color of coveralls?
19. "Jump the Gun": Without a permanent office since the move to the new police headquarters, Taylor had to work out of a space that was called:
Fortress without Walls
Command Cube
Temporary Work Space
The Super Cubicle
20. "War Zone": Three military personnel are killed outside of a:
Paycheck cashing outlet
Night club
Liquor store
Movie theater
21. "War Zone": The last thing Brenda says as she leaves a hoodlum named T-Ball to the approaching vengeful gang members is:
Game over, T-ball
I have a feeling I'll be looking into your eyes again very, very soon
I believe that for friends are looking to have a word with you
Soon, a lot more people are going to be mistaking you for your brother
22. "Last Woman Standing": The squad suspects that the killer of an actress is a man she met on a dating site whose handle is the same as this software program:
23. "Last Woman Standing": In what feels like a somewhat slapped-together solution, a ________ leads the squad to find the killer of the actress:
Out-of-state license plate
Hole in the wall
Overdue library book
Ringing cell phone
24. "Executive Order": Who was a friend of the female paramedic that was murdered in the chilling opening of the episode?
The ME
25. "Executive Order": Which was not part of Kevin Mason's attempt to launch a suicide attack at a memorial sentence?
A police radio
A wheelchair
A firefighter uniform
Nerve gas

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