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How Well Do You Know: Poltergeist
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1. Which distinctive song is heard as the film opens?
God Bless America
The U.S. National Anthem
You Can't Always Get What You Want
The "Wouldn't You Like to Be a Pepper Too" Dr. Pepper jingle
2. Steve and Diane Freeling have these children:
A son and a daughter
A daughter and two sons
Two sons and two daughters
A son and two daughters
3. This is the question that young Carol Anne first asks the spirits as she gazes into the television:
Do you want to play with me?
How many of you are there?
What do you look like?
Do you want to see me dolly?
4. This family pet dies early in the film, leading to a burial in the yard that plays off against future revelations:
Scraps the dog
Tweety the parakeet
Whiskers the cat
Shamu the goldfish
5. Aside from the previously mentioned pet burial, there's quite a bit of digging in the backyard of the Freeling place. It's for a:
Foundation for a new addition
Septic system
New garage
6. The 6th Freakiest Clown in Movie History appears in this film, and it's in the room that Robbie and Carol Anne share. Early in the movie, freaked out by the clown, Robbie:
Tries to burn it
Puts a jacket over its head
Shoves it in the closet
Puts it under Carol Anne's bed
7. Which family member is most suspicious of the gnarly tree out in the back yard?
Carol Anne
8. The first manifestation of the spirits we see in the movie is in the form of:
A glowing figure moving down the stairs
A swirling vortex appearing in the hallway ceiling
A face pressing out in the room from behind the wallpaper
A hand reaching out from the TV
9. The night that the manifestations start to occur, the Freelings experience this - yet are apparently the only family in the neighborhood to do so:
A blackout
An earthquake
A tornado which uproots the troublesome tree
A blizzard
10. "They're here...." When she announces their arrival, Carol Anne uses this term to describe the spirits:
Friends from the Other Side
The little white children
The TV people
The living dollies
11. Diane first tunes into the fact that something is very unusual in the house when she notices this disturbance in the kitchen:
Chairs pull away from the table
Water boils in a pot without being placed over heat
Cabinet doors open by themselves
Silverware bends seemingly by itself when Carol Anne holds it
12. Steve returns home to find that wife Diane has been conducting experiments with the paranormal. What two things does she use to demonstrate the "Watch this slide across the kitchen floor!" phenomenon:
The kitchen table and Steve's keys
A knife and a fork
A chair and Carol Anne
A potted plant and a jug of milk
13. None of the Freelings are on hand to witness Carol Anne being taken....because they are all preoccupied with:
Robbie is being attacked by the tree
The family dog barking wildly
Robbie is being attacked by the clown
Dana is drowning in the pool
14. Carol Anne disappears from this plane of existence when she is pulled:
Under the bed
Into the toy chest
Into the closet
Into the pool
15. When the Freelings hear Carol Anne calling through the television, she's calling for:
Everyone except for Dana
16. When Steve brings Dr. Lesh and the parapsychologists to the house, he shows them Carol Anne and Robbie's bedroom, in which:
Items whirl around the room in midair
Fire laps out from the closet
All of the items in the room are affixed to the ceiling
Evil Clown is destroying everything he can get his hands on
17. The Freelings and Dr. Lesh's team witness these items falling from a vortex in the ceiling:
Sewing implements
18. Of the three people in the parapsychology team, Marty had the most traumatic time in the house. Something took a rather sizable bite out of his:
19. While the occupants of the house sleep, Marty ventures into the kitchen, where he sees this crawl across the counter and explode into a maggot-fest:
A whole chicken
A steak
A banana
An ice cream bar
20. But Marty's bad, bad night isn't over - after vomiting in the bathroom, he hallucinates that he pulls his _________ apart:
21. Three of the following don't return to the house the following day. Who comes back for more?
Robbie Freeling
Dana Freeling
Steve Freeling
22. The late Zelda Rubnstein is great in the movie as Tangina. When Steve Freeling meets the diminutive medium, he mumbles:
I thought this was Grown-Ups night
What is she gonna do, punch me in the knees?
What side of the rainbow are we working tonight?
If you are not at least this tall, you may not ride the roller coaster?
23. Tangina states that the poltergeists are most attracted to Carol Anne's:
Life force
Youthful energy
24. Tangina states that in addition to the benign spirits, she senses the presence of a malevolent entity, which she calls the:
25. The presence of a cross-dimensional portal beginning in the closet and ending in the living room ceiling is proven through the use of tennis balls marked with:
Family member names
Runic symbols
26. Who ventures into the closet to rescue Carol Anne?
Diane and Dr. Lesh
Diane only
Diane and Steve
Tangina and Dr. Lesh
27. The trauma Diane has endured manifests itself physically in that:
Her face is very gaunt
She has claw marks on her thigh
Her hands tremble for days afterward
Grey streaks run through her hair
28. In hindsight, the Freelings' decision to linger in the house one last night probably wasn't well thought out. Which of the following does not happen on the last night?
A half-dressed Diane is dragged up the walls and across the ceiling
The clown drags Robbie under the bed
Caskets erupt from under the ground in and around the house
Dana experiences corpse-a-rama in the pool
By way of explanation.....
Daughter Dana was conveniently absent from the house when all hell broke loose the final night
29. Steve bemoans Unethical Real Estate Practices as he berates his boss specifically for:
Building the housing development over cursed land
Not having the land blessed before building commenced
Not moving the bodies when the cemetery was moved
Not informing the buyers about the cemetery
30. Steven Spielberg's exact role in the making of the film is the source of controversy. Officially, he is credited as:
Producer and writer
Writer and director
Writer only
Producer, writer and director
By way of explanation.....
It's widely believed that Spielberg was the de facto director of the film, but he isn't credited as such

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