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How Well Do You Know: Pleasantville
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1. Twin brother and sister David and Jennifer are fighting over the remote. At what time do they both need the TV?
2. Known best as TV's Barney Fife, Don Knotts plays a TV repair man. What does the side of his van say?
Will fix you for good
Were there in a snap
No TV, no problem
Will fix it all better
3. Jennifer has invited Mark Davis to come over, and -hello- he's not coming over to study. When asked about her outfit she's says it's not slutty, it's:
4. With the magic remote, David and Jennifer turn into whom?
Buck and Mary Jean
Peter and Susie
Tom and Betty Sue
Bud and Mary Sue
5. To what year do David and Jennifer leap?
6. What's the name of the TV channel Pleasantville is on?
Oldies but Goodies
TV Time
Nick at Night
Classics on 36
7. Bud works for Bill Johnson, who owns the soda shop. Mr. Johnson doesn't like making hamburgers, but rather wants to be a:
Rock Star
8. Poor Mr. Johnson he confides into Bud the only time of year he's happy is _______ because he gets to paint.
Tax time
His birthday
9. Mary Sue teaches Skip about sex first-hand. Skip in turn tells all the other boys what he's learned. What happens because of that?
They all turn color
The girls get mad
The basketball team can no longer win
The basketball team play better
10. What is the first thing in Pleasantville to turn color?
The books
A car
A girl's tongue
A rose
11. Bud eats Margret's cookies - only those cookies weren't meant for Bud. Who was cookie meant for?
12. After going to lover's lane, Bud knows you're supposed to get your girl a present. What gift did he get Margaret?
A record
An umbrella
A book
13. All the books in Pleasantville are blank. What's the first book that magically fills in when Bud tells the story?
Treasure Island
Romeo and Juilet
Huck Finn
A Hundred and One Arabian Nights
14. Mary Sue teaches her mom Betty all about what?
The future
Rock n Roll
15. Those silly fireman they only response to what word?
16. Bud has made going to the ________ the hottest new trend in Pleasantville
Skating rink
Baseball field
17. Betty is scared and embarrassed for people to look at her . What has happened to her?
She's done the deed in the bathtub
She's gone country
She can't do a thing with her hair
She's turned color
18. Betty has left husband George for the hamburger man. Dad responds to this by shouting what over and over?
Where's my wife?
Where's my dinner?
I'll kill Bill Johnson!
Betty come home!
19. What happens to Bud to make him turn color?
He gets in a fist fight
He finds true love
He gets to 2nd base with a girl
He gets the courage to speak to the Mayor
20. Why did the townspeople completely trash the soda shop?
The kids listen to dirty rock n roll there
It's suspected that kids making out there
A picture in the window shows Betty naked
Bill Johnson spits in the food
21. What happens to the town that scares and shocks all the residents?
Lunar eclipse
A tornado
22. According to the mayor, no harm can happened to a person in a certain place..... thank God they were all in a:
Super market
Bowling alley
Town hall
23. The townspeople have lost their mind, they do everything EXCEPT what to the town?
Burn all books
Trash the soda shop
Attack coloreds in the street
Put all coloreds in jail
24. Out of all the new rules Pleasantville residents must abide by, one is really stupid and makes Mary Sue laugh.
No holding hands in public.
No watching T.V past 5:00
No dancing
No bedframe or mattress bigger than 38"
25. Bud and Bill Johnson get thrown in jail for:
Encouraging kids to revolt
Playing rock and roll
Painting graffiti
26. Bud's dad visits him in jail and brings him what gift?
Frozen peas
A apple
27. Why did Bud get into a fist fight?
Whitey was attacking his mom
They tried to put him in jail
Defending his sister
They trashed the soda shop
28. Who does Betty end up with at the conclusion of the film
Bill Johnson
Both (slut)
It isn't clear
29. What happens to Jennifer at the end of the movie?
She goes back to her own time
She goes back to being a slut
She goes to college
She marries Skip
30. David's mom is really upset, and David teaches her a valuable lesson. When asked how he became so smart, he answers:
He watches a lot of TV
He met some good friends
He had a good day
He went back in time

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