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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Secretary
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1. George interviews candidates for a new secretary. He finally settles on the third one. Why?
She commands a lesser salary
She's significantly more beautiful than the rest
She's significantly less attractive than the rest
She promises him sexual favors
2. Elaine buys a dress from _____, only to discover that it looks way worse on her when she looks at herself in the mirror at home in comparison to the one in the store.
3. George, on what Elaine looks like in her new dress: "You arms look like something hanging in a _____."
Bread factory
Meat market
Kosher deli
4. Kramer has a chance encounter with _____ and writes down her number on a movie ticket stub.
Uma Thurman
Julia Roberts
Claire Danes
Sigourney Weaver
5. Jerry suspects his dry cleaner is wearing his coat when he sees Willy possibly wearing it. Where?
Outside a movie theater
At a baseball game
At Monk's
Outside his building
6. George ends up having sex with his new secretary. What does he shout out at one point that he later regrets saying?
"I'm giving you a raise!"
"I love you!"
"Spank me!"
"Oh, mama!"
7. George shouts: "I'm giving you a raise!" His secretary, in fact, gets that raise. How much does George Steinbrenner increase her salary by?
8. Elaine tries on a second dress at the store, but sneaks outside to see what it looks like in a mirror that isn't at Barney's. How does the sales associate know Elaine took the dress outside?
It's tagless
It has a salt stain
It has a rip at the bottom
It has a mustard stain
9. Jerry learns that his dry cleaner also lent out his mother's coat, but Jerry doesn't have the ticket to claim it. Instead, the ticket is inside clothes that Kramer sold to _____.
10. To get the ticket back from Bania, Jerry makes a deal with Bania. What is it?
Free tickets to the Met
A walk in Central Park
Two free dinners
Comedy lessons

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