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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror III
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The opening sequence parodies:
The Twilight Zone
The Ray Bradbury Theater
The Outer Limits
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Homer swears he did not just call everyone chicken. What does he swear on?
the phone book
a copy of Trucker’s Digest
Bart’s homework
a book of carpet samples
The Simpsons and friends are gathered in the Simpsons’ lounge room. What is Bart’s Halloween costume?
Gordon Gekko from Wall Street
Reverend Harry Powell from The Night of the Hunter
Alex from A Clockwork Orange
General Zod from Superman II
Martin is dressed as Calliope, who is the muse of:
heroic poetry
In Clown Without Pity, Homer buys Bart a Krusty doll from “House of Evil”. Aside from forbidden objects, what else does the store sell?
ice cream sandwiches
novelty cupcakes
frozen yoghurt
What chemical do the toppings of the frogurt contain?
potassium benzoate
sodium succinate
calcium tartrate
glutamic acid
What does Homer think can stop the Krusty doll?
a chainsaw
his dirty socks
an old priest and a young priest
“I was a fool to think anyone would want nude photos of ______________”.
Bette Midler
Whoopi Goldberg
Lily Tomlin
Barbra Streisand
In King Homer, Burns has a golden opportunity. Capture the ape alive and he can put him on Broadway. Dead, and he’ll:
have him stuffed to scare visiting children
have a hunting trophy to make Teddy Roosevelt burn with envy
sell monkey stew to the army
corner the gorilla fur market
Who is the first person we see eaten by King Homer?
the Sea Captain
King Homer is taken back to Springfield, where he is exhibited as the Eighth Wonder of the World. His opening act is:
the ethnic comedy of Duggan and Dirschwitz
famed male impersonator Vesta Tilley
Scrappy Lambert’s Swinging Jazz Combo
the chubbiest kickline in town
Which entertainer ran amok at the Winter Garden and climbed the Chrysler Building?
Harold Lloyd
Al Jolson
Fatty Arbuckle
Judy Garland
In Dial Z for Zombies, what book does Bart to a report on for class?
Excuse Me: A Little Book of Manners
Baby’s First Pop-Up Book
Curious George Takes a Bath
Everybody Poops
Bart finds The Time Life Book of Magic and Spells, Vol.II in the Occult Section of the school library. What is not one of the spells he casts from the book?
Taco - Burrito - Nacho - Enchilada!
Collyer - Rayburn - Narz - Trebek!
Trojan - Magnum - Ramses - Sheik!
Kojak - Mannix - Banacek - Dano!
Homer is blowing away zombies. Pick the odd one out:
“Take that, Washington!”
“Goodbye, Gandhi!”
“Eat lead, Einstein!”
“Show’s over, Shakespeare!”

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