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How Well Do You Know: The Descent
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1. Juno, Sarah and Beth enjoy this outdoor activity just prior to the accident which claims Sarah's husband and daughter:
Mountain biking
Geo caching
Rock climbing
2. Emerging from a dream in which she sees her daughter ____________, Sarah wakes in a hospital.
Blowing out candles on a cake
Wandering off into the woods
Riding her bicycle
3. How long passes between the accident and the fateful excursion the women make together?
Five years
Eight weeks
Six months
One year
4. The trip has the women meeting in what US mountain range?
5. The first good look of the creatures in the film is when one appears in the distant, illuminated by Sarah's helmet light, in the ________ minute of the film:
6. In the next question, we'll show you the group photo the women took before setting off on the doomed caving expedition. Before we do, though, how many women are in the group?
7. So here's the shot of the women.

Which one is Sarah, the hero of the film?
8. Looking at a picture of her and Juno in happier times before the accident, Sarah says this, recalling something her husband used to say:
Love each day
No regrets
Live hard
Be reckless
9. On their hike to the mouth of the cave, the group passes a carcass of a dead:
10. Which of the group has a penchant for risky behavior?
11. The relationship between Sarah and Juno can best be described as frosty. What is the cause of the tension?
Sarah found out Juno had a relationship with her husband
Juno did not stay around long after the accident
The two never really got along
Juno is jealous of Sarah's friendship with Beth
12. In a harrowing scene, the women have to crawl through an extremely claustrophobia-inducing chamber. Who is the first of the group through, and who gets stuck trying to traverse the passage?
Sarah / Beth
Juno / Sam
Holly / Sarah
Beth / Sam
13. Shortly after the cave-in occurs, the group realizes that they aren't going to be rescued, because:
Juno didn't outfit their gear with the tracking transponders like she was supposed to
Juno unknowingly led them into the wrong cave system
They have no communication equipment
Juno intentionally led them into the wrong cave system
14. What piece of climbing equipment does the group find first, suggesting that someone had been through the cave system before?
A helmet
A pickaxe
A piton
15. The group gains some measure of hope when they realize that there may be two entrances to the cave. What leads them to think this?
A drawing on the wall
A draft
A decrepit map
A stream
16. Holly falls and breaks her leg when:
The creatures start attacking
She thinks she sees daylight
She argues with Juno
The thinks she hears voices
17. Which of the women is killed first?
18. Juno inadvertently kills Beth:
As Juno flees from the crawlers
As Beth flees from the crawlers
When Beth comes up behind her
As Beth tries to fight off the crawlers
19. Sarah tries to hold *real* still as she watches through her infrared camera as the creatures:
Fight over Beth's dead body
Drink from a pool
Devour a carcass
Combing through piles of dead animal and human bones
20. Sam theorizes that the creatures hunt by:
Sight and smell
21. A dying Beth convinces Sarah that Juno killed her by showing her:
The axe wound
A pendant
A lock of her hair
Her helmet
22. Sarah euthanizes Beth:
With a rock
With an axe
With fire
By drowning her
23. As Rebecca and Juno watch, Sam is killed:
Trying to save Sarah
In a pool of blood
As she hangs upside down
With her own axe
24. Sarah incapacitates Juno by axing her in:
The arm
The neck
The leg
The back
25. As Sarah's escape from the cave is revealed to be a hallucination, she imagines that she sees these two people:
Her daughter and husband
Beth and Juno
Juno and her daughter
Her husband and Beth

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