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How Well Do You Know: Wild Things
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1. The film is set in and around the exclusive community of Blue Bay in which state?
South Carolina
2. In the high school seminar room, which word does Sam Lombardo phrase on the blackboard, causing a demonstrative reaction among the students
Drug Therapy
Sex Crimes
Date Rape
Intercourse, Pennsylvania
3. In addition to being the high school's guidance counselor, Sam teaches:
Auto shop
Speech and debate
4. We meet Kelly's mother, Sandra van Ryan, when Sam drops Kelly off after school. What is Sandra wearing when she appears on her balcony?
Bra and panties
A tasteful business suit
Just an apron
5. Sandra's torrid morning sex is interrupted by a phone call saying Kelly is absent from school. What is Kelly doing while she is missing school?
Practicing archery
Skeet shooting
Racing motorcycles
Trapping crocodiles
6. Right before her tearful accusation that Sam raped her, Kelly reveals:
She is an orphan
She is about to fail out of school
She has been dumped by her boyfriend
Her father killed himself
7. When Sam meets Ken Bowden (Bill Murray) for the first time, Ken is wearing:
A t-shirt that reads "Objection!"
A neck brace
Rainbow suspenders
A fake beard
8. The woman that Sam had been seeing prior to the rape is the daughter of:
Dan Duquette (Kevin Bacon)
Tom Baxter (Robert Wagner)
Ken Bowden
The head of the Blue Bay school board
9. When Detectives Duquette and Perez arrive at Suzie's to interview her, they see a man:
Preparing an animal carcass
Cleaning a shotgun
Doing a trick with an alligator
Mending chicken wire
10. What part of Suzie's account of Sam raping her aligned closely with Kelly's account?
The description of a birthmark on Sam's hip
What Sam said to each of them when he was finished
The words Sam used when he started making advances
The location where the events took place
11. Suzie folds under cross-examination. Badgered by Ken Bowden, she admits that she called Sam for help as she is being arrested a month after he allegedly raped her. For what crime did she commit that lead her to attempt to call Sam after the rape?
Possession of narcotics
Check fraud
Indecent exposure
12. After the dismissal of the charges against him, Sam gets this sum in a settlement from Sandra:
$1.5 million
$11.5 million
$8.5 million
5.5. million
13. Sam, Kelly and Suzie meet at Sam's hotel room, and the conspiracy is revealed. In what order to they arrive at the room?
Sam, then Kelly, then Suzie
Kelly, then Sam, then Suzie
Sam, the Suzie, then Kelly
Sam, then Kelly and Suzie at the same time
14. The ensuing three-way is enhanced by:
Appropriate lighting
Suzie singing
Money strewn all over the bed
15. Duquette is (correctly) suspicious of the three, and confronts Kelly in order to suggest Suzie and Sam are going to screw her over. Where does this take place?
At cheerleading practice
At a swimming pool
At a carnival
Outside her house
16. Suspicions get the better of the girls after Sam talks to them on the phone. A catfight erupts after the phone call. Who strikes whom first?
Kelly strike Suzie first
Suzie strikes Kelly first
The girls hit each other at the same time
No one hits anyone, so forget we said anything
17. ....and of course, the catfight leads to a swimming pool make-out session. Who kisses whom first?
Kelly kisses Suzie first
Suzie kisses Kelly first
The girls kiss at the same time
No on kisses anyone, so forget we said anything
18. Where does the apparent murder of Suzie take place?
At a drive-in theater
In a parking lot
On a beach
On a boat
19. Kelly believes that _________ is responsible for the death of Suzie:
Kelly herself
Suzie herself
20. What is the primary physical evidence Duquette finds that leads him to believe that Suzie is dead?
A shotgun shell
A finger
21. Where does Duquette kill Kelly?
At her house
In a holding cell
On a beach
He doesn't - Sam kills her
22. Sam enters his beach house to find a decidedly naked ________ in his shower:
Sandra van Ryan
Kelly van Ryan
23. Duquette dies shortly after being shot with a:
Flare gun
Spear gun
Stun gun
24. The string of fairly relevant revelations made at the end of the film include the fact that Suzie had a vendetta against Duquette because he killed:
Her mother
A friend of hers
Her father
Her sister
25. Whether or not it's the ultimate cause of his death, Sam is undone when he is:

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