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How Well Do You Know: The Girl Next Door
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1. This song plays during the opening of the film as high school students have their yearbook pictures taken, and reminisce "I will always remember....."
Life Is a Highway
Cult of Personality
How Do You Talk to an Angel
Under Pressure
2. Matthew Kidman gets into this university at the beginning of the movie:
Notre Dame
3. Matthew's classmates have raised $25,000 to bring ____________ student Samnang to study at Westport High.
4. Matthew daydreams about ditching school along with the other classmates to go to the beach, but his fantasy ends with:
His getting shot
His being arrested
A horrific car accident
His getting out of his car at the beach naked
5. Matthew is applying for a scholarship for a student that exemplifies:
Creative vision
Moral character
6. Matthew is disturbed when Eli does this when they're talking on the phone:
Watch porn
Clip his toenails
Sitting on the can
7. Immediately after Danielle catches Matthew spying on her while she's changing, she:
Calls the police
Throws a book at his window
Videotapes him watching her
Comes over to his house
8. In retaliation for him spying on her, Danielle makes Matthew strip:
In the middle of the road
In a restaurant bathroom
On the lawn outside his house
In the parking lot of his school
9. Danielle gets Matthew to strip to his boxers and go swimming in a pool, which happens to belong to:
His principal
A friend of his father's
The head of the scholarship committee
The security guard at his school
10. Eli shows Matthew a porno in which Danielle appears. The film is _______ themed:
Martial arts
11. After learning Danielle's secret, the next time he encounters Danielle, he imagines her going down on:
His principal
His parents
Eli and Klitz
Random people on the street
12. Eli gives Matthew a lot of poor advice regarding how to treat Danielle. Which is not one of of Eli's nuggets of wisdom?
Act like he doesn't like her
Give her back-handed compliments
Get her drunk
Always be touching her
13. Matthew meets Danielle's former producer and ex Kelly. The three of them go to:
A biker bar
A strip club
An adult movie theater
A drive-in movie
14. At the bank, Matthew introduces Kelly as his ___________, which causes big problems later in the movie
Student advisor
Financial planner
Guidance counsellor
15. A disillusioned Danielle leaves with Kelly for a convention in __________. Matthew, Klitz and Eli soon follow.
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
16. When she appears at the convention, we learn that Danielle's stage name is:
17. The motto of Kelly's rival producer Hugo Posh is:
No Comparison
Step into the Sunlight
Premium Excellence
Where the Air Is Crisp
18. At the convention, Klitz and Eli introduce themselves as directors to a porn star. When they are exposed, the piss off her rather large boyfriend named:
19. Kelly asks Matthew if the the _______ is worth the _________.
Cherry / pit
Lightning / thunder
Juice / squeeze
Honey / sting
20. Kelly makes Matthew steal a certain something from Hugo Posh. What is that certain something?
A certain...painting
A certain....award
A certain...sum of money
A tape
21. Matthew arrives at the scholarship dinner rather inebriated. He is under the influence of:
22. The porn stars who come into town to be prom dates for Eli and Klitz have the name:
Cheyenne and Summer
Francesca and Bella
Ashlynn and Peaches
April and Ferrari
23. To conceal his identity during the "big scene" of the film the gang makes, Klitz wears:
A fencing mask
A Zorro-style mask
A ninja mask
A Nixon mask
24. The name of the film Matthew and Hugo release is:
Birds Doin' the Bees
Adult Education
The Right Way
Beyond the Cucumber
25. At the end of the movie, Matthew sends Kelly:
A package of condoms
A call girl
A box of cigars
A pen

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