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How Well Do You Know: Jurassic Park
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1. The events of the film occur primarily on which island?
Isla Sorna
Isla Mujeres
Isla Nublar
Isla Socorro
2. We first meet Drs. Grant and Sattler as they are on a dig in which US state?
New Mexico
3. Grant's pet theory throughout the film was the evolutionary connection between some dinosaurs and:
4. Leading up to a pretty huge dead-end for the franchise, a shady figure meets with Dennis Nedry to arrange for transport of dinosaur embryos off the island. To smuggle the dinosaurs off, Nedry is provided with a:
Shaving cream can
Empty soled shoe
Video camera
Coffee can
5. Approximately how many minutes of screen time elapse before we see a dinosaur in the wild on screen (we're not counting the caged dinosaur that kills the park employee at the beginning of the film)?
By way of explanation.....
A brachiosaurus saunters by the jeeps at 20:26
6. According to the Very Helpful Filmstrip that Grant, Sattler and Ian Malcolm watch, what animal was used to fill in the gaps in the extracted dinosaur DNA sequence?
7. Grant and Sattler witness a dinosaur hatch from its egg in the lab. Congratulations, it's a:
We don't learn the exact species
8. When we meet Muldoon, the park's game warden, he expresses this view of the raptors:
He thinks they should all be destroyed
He feels a kinship with them
He describes them as nature's perfect creations
He thinks they're a gold mine
9. To the delight of everyone, Hammond's grandchildren come along for the ride. Their names are:
Sasha and Tim
Marybeth and Andy
Julie and Andy
Lex and Tim
10. The island visitors divide into two jeeps for the island tour. Who is in the car with Hammond's grandchildren at the start of the tour?
Gennaro, the lawyer
11. "I really do hate that man." What does Ian say to provoke this comment from Hammond?
Dinosaurs had their shot, and nature selected them for extinction!
Now eventually you might have dinosaurs on your, on your dinosaur tour, right?
The lack of humility before nature that's being displayed here staggers me.
But, John. If the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don't eat the tourists.
12. To cheesily demonstrate chaos theory to Ellie, Malcolm uses:
A button from his shirt
A lock of her hair
An eyelash
A drop of water
13. Ellie finds herself elbow deep in dinosaur dung when she searches for the cause of an illness affecting a/n:
14. Dennis's explanation for various park systems (including the electrified fences) going off was:
The system was rebooting
The island was losing power
The jeep tour was leaching off too much power
The mainframe servers were overheating
15. One of the signature shots in the film is the liquid rippling due to approaching footsteps. We see the rippling first occurring in:
A water-filled dinosaur footprint
A glass of whisky
A glass of water
A water-filled rain gauge
By way of explanation.....
We see the impact tremor in the glass of water before the initial T-Rex attack; later, when the injured Malcolm is in the jeep by himself, we see it in the footprint
16. All hell breaks loose with the appearance of the T-Rex right after Lex says:
He left us, he left us
I happen to be a vegetarian
I am not a computer nerd. I prefer to be called a hacker!
Where's the goat?
17. Gennaro meets his end sitting on a toilet when Grant and Malcolm distract a T-Rex using:
A fire extinguisher
A flashlight
An acetylene torch
18. Dilophosauruses give Dennis Nedry what-for as he tries to flee to the:
East Dock
North Dock
West Dock
South Seaport
19. Consider the last moments in the life of Dennis Nedry. In which sequence did the following events take place?
  1. Tried to get a dinosaur to play fetch
  2. Dislodged the sign to the dock indicating which way to go
  3. Had a dinosaur spit sticky stuff all over him
  4. Slipped down a watery/rocky slope
20. Stranded in the park, Alan and the kids spend the night:
In an overturned jeep
In a tree
Sheltered in a rock outcropping
In the carcass of a dead dinosaur
21. In the cafeteria with Ellie, Hammond recalls his fascination with this attraction as a child:
A house of mirrors
A flea circus
A petting zoo
A fun house
22. What is the "lysine contingency"?
The plan to restore the park's computer systems by rebooting them
A long-term method of killing the dinosaurs
A sequence which would destroy the entire island
The method to control breeding among the dinosaurs
23. Who is the first person to set off by him/herself to try to complete the rebooting of the park's systems and restore power?
Ray Arnold
John Hammond
Ellie Sattler
Robert Muldoon
24. In the shed, Ellie is very briefly relieved to come across Arnold's:
25. Who is on the electric perimeter fence when the power comes back on?
Grant and Lex
Lex only
Lex and Tim
Tim only
26. Muldoon's final words are:
No, we can't
Clever girl
I'm the hunter
Run! Just Run!
27. When the surviving humans are all back in the Visitor's Center, how many raptors are left?
By way of explanation.....
"It's just the two raptors, right? You're sure the third one is contained?"
"Yes. Unless it figured out how to open doors....."
28. "It's a ________ system....I know this!"
29. Who falls through the ceiling and almost devoured by a leaping raptor?
30. During the final confrontation between the raptors and T-Rex, a Jurassic Park banner falls to the ground. It bears which motto of the park?
An Experience You'll Never Forget
Watch History Come Alive
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
Millions of Years in the Making

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