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How Well Do You Know: Movie Posters by Director
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1. Robert Rodriguez directed three of the following films. Which is the odd one out?

2. Joel and Ethan Coen have built amassed a repertoire of quirky films, which include all of the following except for:

3. Paul Thomas Anderson directed one of my least favorite movies ever, Magnolia. He also brought which of the following to the screen?

4. Torture-porn maven Eli Roth can claim which of the following?

5. Having won the Best Directing Oscar for The Hurt Locker, Kathryn Bigelow was also behind the camera for which of the following vampire movies?

6. The director of

also directed:

7. Wolfgang Petersen must like boats. He directed three of the following. Which is the odd one out?

8. The director of

also directed which other film that was part of a series?

9. Put the following Christopher Nolan films in chronological order based on date of release, from earliest to latest:

A - D - B - C
C - D - B - A
D - B - C - A
D - A - C - B
10. Peter Berg directed the following football movie:

11. Zach Snyder is known for his visually arresting movies. Which is not included in his CV?

12. Pick which of the following is not a Robert Zemeckis work:

13. It's sometimes hard to differentiate movies that John Hughes directed himself from those that just bore his influence. Hughes was not behind the camera for which of the following?

14. Ditto Judd Apatow. Which of the following is not a film that Judd directed?

15. Tony Scott has directed Denzel Washington in a film roughly 93 times. Which of the following Denzel films is not a Tony Scott movie?

16. Likewise, Ridley Scott has worked together with Russell Crowe oodles of times. Can you ID the film below that isn't a Crowe/Scott joint?

17. Are you down with Tyler Perry - at least enough to pick out which of the following isn't one of his movies?

18. Put the following M. Night Shyamalan films in chronological order based on date of release, from earliest to latest:

B - A - D - C
C - A - A - D
D - B - C - A
A - B - C - D
19. J.J. Abrams is a director who has helmed surprisingly few films. Of the following, Abrams only directed:

20. Which of the following did not get the white glove treatment from Mr. Michael Bay?

21. Pick the film that Bryan Singer did not helm:

22. Which is not a Jonathan Demme picture?

23. You'd be wrong - dead wrong - if you tried to convince your best friend Lefty that this is an Ivan Reitman film:

24. Baz Luhrmann, anybody? Which is true?

... isn't his movie

... isn't his movie

...isn't his movie

...isn't his movie
25. Nature gets badass in this Jan de Bont film:


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