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How Well Do You Know: Leverage, Season 3 Recap
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1. "The Jailhouse Job": Nate and company had to free a man from a supermax prision. For what minor offense had the man been jailed?
Transporting alcohol across state lines
Misuse of a mailbox
Illegally downloading a movie
2. "The Jailhouse Job": Elizabetta Canalis, the Italian Mystery Woman who assign Nate and his crew to a formidable task, is the real-life girlfriend of which actor?
Al Pacino
Andy Garcia
George Clooney
Jack Black
3. "The Reunion Job": The team had to take down a software mogul who was obsessed with his high school. The school's mascot, which was key to the resolution of the job, was a:
4. "The Reunion Job": While the rest of the team worked the reunion, Eliot had to fend off terrorists of this nationality in the mogul's office:
New Zealand
5. "The Inside Job": Trying to free Parker who was trapped in a high-tech security building, Nate had to work with Parker's mentor Archie Leach. Archie had taken Parker under his wing when the met:
When she tried to steal his wallet
At her parents' funeral
When she was jailed for forgery
When he hit her with his car
6. "The Inside Job": In the course of rescuing Parker, the gang foiled a plot to monopolize production of this foodstuff:
Frozen concentrated orange juice
7. "The Scheherazade Job": This member of the team expresses interest in one day running his/her own crew, but Nate doubts the person's potential:
8. "The Scheherazade Job": The job required the team to rob a vault during a concert, during which Hardison played this instrument with surprising virtuosity:
A cello
A violin
A French horn
A piccolo
9. "The Double Blind Job": The team helps a woman whose sister was killed by a drug known to be harmful by a pharmaceutical firm. Which Leverage member is most suspicious of the woman and her motives?
10. "The Double Blind Job": An exec of the pharmaceutical firm callously compares paying a $1 billion-plus fine for damage done by the drug to:
Finding change in the sofa cushions
Running a lemonade stand
Skimming the bottom of a wishing well
Tipping your waiter
11. "The Studio Job": The Leveragists descend upon this city, known for its music scene, to take down a record executive:
12. "The Studio Job": In this episode:
Sophie sings!
Parker sings!
Eliot sings!
Hardison sings!
13. "The Gone Fishin' Job:" Nate tried to take down a ex-IRS official by getting him to launder money through this type of a business:
A gym
A football team
A convenience store chain
14. "The Gone Fishin' Job:" Hardison helped Elliot open a can of whoop-ass on a militia using this to detonate a bomb:
A cigarette
A flare
A blow torch
A flame thrower
15. "The Boost Job": The actor who played the mark in the job is best known as a member of which comedy group?
Original Kings of Comedy
Blue Collar Comedy
Second City
Broken Lizard
By way of explanation.....
Bill Engvall of the Blue Collar Comedy group played Duke Penzer
16. "The Boost Job": Infiltrating car thief operation, Parker and Hardison had to contend with _________, who was part of the gang:
A former priest
The local district attorney
Hardison's childhood rival
A teeenaged girl
17. "The Three-Card Monte Job:" What is the name of Nate's father, played by Tom Skerritt?
18. "The Three-Card Monte Job:" The mobsters which Nate's dad worked with in the episode were of this nationality:
19. "The Underground Job": The Leveragists bust a corrupt coal mine operator, who was in bed with which elected official?
The mayor
The attorney general
The senator
The governor
20. "The Underground Job": The scam involved convincing the mine operator that his mine was rich with which mineral?
21. "The Rashomon Job": What was the order in which the each of the gang gave his/her account of the heist?
Sophie - Hardison - Eliot - Parker - Name
Sophie - Eliot - Parker - Hardison - Nate
Nate - Sophie - Hardison - Parker - Eliot
Sophie - Eliot- Hardison - Parker - Nate
22. "The Rashomon Job": What was the name of the artifact that everyone was trying to boost?
The Scepter of Akh-men-rai
The Dagger of Aqu'abi
The Scabbard of Muf'tan-fi
The Chalice of E'lune
23. "The King George Job": The con that Sophie proposed to bust an antiquities trafficker was called:
The Mummy's Tiara
The Curtain of the Temple
The Duchess's Necklace
The Maid and the Baroness
24. "The King George Job": The mark knew that a gold statue was fake because he could smell ________ on it:
Motor oil
Coffee grounds
25. "The Morning After Job:" In the season finale, the team couldn't quite agree on the name of the con they ran on an ex-hockey player...the suggested names contained the following pair of place names:
Reno and Miami
Albany and Albania
Las Vegas and Cuba
Detroit and Jamaica
26. "The Morning After Job:" During the job, Parker had run-ins with an FBI agent. She was kind of sweet on him, and would have missed him if he would have been exiled to:

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