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How Well Do You Know: Titanic
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1. In what city was the Titanic registered in (and, thus, this name is also painted on the ship)?
2. According to Rose, as she is pointing people out to Jack before dinner, who is the richest person on the ship?
John Jacob Astor
Benjamin Guggenheim
Colonel Gracie
Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon
3. Besides "Meet me at the clock", what else does the note say that Jack hands Rose after dinner?
Never let go.
Make it count.
You can do it.
I want you.
4. Which of the following things do Jack and Rose not fantasize about doing together after they get off the boat?
Going ice fishing
Drinking cheap beer
Riding horses on the beach
Riding the rollercoaster
5. At dinner, what does Jack say is good about the accommodations in steerage?
It only smells in the morning.
They have pillows and blankets.
We even have a window.
Hardly any rats.
6. Put the following events from the first half of the film in the correct order, from first to last: Cal's henchman tries to bribe Jack; Jack gives Rose a spitting lesson; Jack has dinner in first-class; Jack and Rose make love in the car.
1) The dinner; 2) Making love; 3) The bribe; 4) Spitting lesson.
1) The dinner; 2) The bribe; 3) Making love; 4) Spitting lesson.
1) The spitting lesson; 2) The dinner; 3) The bribe; 4) Making love.
1) The spitting lesson; 2) The bribe; 3) The dinner; 4) Making love.
7. According to Mr. Bodine, in the 1920s Rose became an actress, then got married and became Rose Calvert, and moved to where?
Cedar Rapids
Kansas City
8. Rose's mother, Ruth, hopes that the lifeboats will be seated by class and worries that what will happen?
They will be too crowded
She won't get enough sleep
Some of her clothes will be ruined
If tea will be served on the boats
9. How much did Jack charge for sketching portraits?
1 cent
5 cents
10 cents
20 cents
10. What is the name of Jack’s friend who boards the ship with him?
11. Where is Thomas Andrews when the ship strikes the iceberg?
On the toilet
In bed
Smoking in the dining room
At his desk
12. Molly Brown, who was what Rose's mother regarded as "new money," was a rich woman because her husband did what?
Built railroads
Struck gold
Sold cars
Found oil
13. When Rose is thinking about jumping off the ship, what does Jack say the ice cold water feels like?
A thousand knives all over your body
Dying very very slowly
Worse than a witch's bosom
Drowning in a hundred million giant ice cubes
14. Mr. Guggenheim and his son dress in their best so they can go down as gentlemen. But what does he ask an employee for amidst all the chaos?
A cigar
A wine list
A brandy
A blanket
15. What material does Andrews admit the ship is made out of (and, thus, she can and will sink)?
16. At his poker game before getting on the ship, what is Jack's winning hand?
Three of a kind
Two pairs
Full house
17. Put the following events, from after the ship hit the iceberg, in the correct order from first to last: Molly and Rose board a lifeboat; Capt. Smith orders the CQD distress signal to be sent; Cal gives Rose his jacket; Jack is handcuffed and locked up.
1) Jack handcuffed; 2) CQD signal; 3) Molly and Rose; 4) Rose gets jacket
1) CQD signal; 2) Molly and Rose; 3) Jack handcuffed; 4) Rose gets jacket
1) Roses gets jacket; 2) Jack handcuffed; 3) CQD signal; 4) Molly and Rose
1) CQD signal; 2) Jack handcuffed; 3) Rose gets jacket; 4) Molly and Rose
18. What feat does Rose perform at the Irish party?
Does a split
Stands on her tippy toes
Beats Tommy at arm wrestling
19. What is the closest ship that responds to the Titanic's distress call?
Queen Mary
20. Which of the following Academy Awards was Titanic not nominated for?
Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Best Actor in a Leading Role
Best Makeup
Best Film Editing

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