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How Well Do You Know: The Great Outdoors
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1. The family starts out their vacation with a golden oldie. What song is it ?
Charlie Brown
Yakety Yak
It's my Party
2. What city is the family from?
St. Louis
3. Where is the family staying?
The Loon's Nest
Buzzard's Hill
Robin's Peek
Swan Beach
4. Chet Ripley has two boys. The youngest is Benny. What's the eldest boys name?
5. In the lobby of the campground there's something wrong with the dog Wormer. She hates people, but loves:
6. The lamp is made out of what unusual object?
Cross bow
7. Roman has come for a visit and he has brought the scariest set of twins since The Shining. What are their names?
Tracy & Stacy
Mara & Cara
Leslie & Laura
Mandy & Sandy
8. Roman goes on a rant about political conspiracy on the environment, theorizing that the governess is trying to kill and cover-up toxic and medical waste. When Chet is asked his opinion, what does he see?
Roman's point
A lake
A sunset
9. What is hidden throughout the cabin, making it really gross?
10. Roman makes fun of Chet's hot dogs, claiming they are made out of what?
Horse meat
Lips and assholes
Spare parts
11. Chet scares the family with his bear story. He claims each of the following about the bear, except
It is over 8 feet tall
Its fangs are bloody from its last kill
It has claws like Freddy Kruger
It is as wide as a truck
12. Something has entered the cabin while everyone is sleeping. Roman's wife Katie claims it attacked her. What is it?
A bat
A bird
A squirrel
A Rat
13. Bats aren't the only visitor to the cabin at night. What other creature visits them?
Howling cats
Spraying skunks
Garbage eating raccoons
Barking dogs
14. Roman wants a jet boat. What is it called?
Eat My Dust
Outta My Way
Move Your Ass
Suck My Wake
15. Buck falls head over heels in love with Camie. How did he meet her?
Puts a pool stick up her butt
Spills his drink on her
Knocks her down at the fair
At the lake
16. Chet takes his son on a moonlit boat ride. He tells him he loves him and gives him what?
A kiss
A ring
A hug
A watch
17. At 5:00 am Chet takes all the men fishing. They fall asleep and what happens?
The boat tips
The get sunburned
They get numerous mosquito bites
The are attacked by leeches
18. Chet takes all the kids to Bill's 109th birthday, What is wrong with Bill?
He's drunk
He's a jerk
He's dead
He's not there
19. A lot of bad things happen to poor Chet. What doesn't happen?
A horse bites him
He loses his wallet
A golf ball hits him in the head
Roman drags him all over the lake
20. Chet goes to look at bears with his son Benny. With what snack does he lure the bears closer?
A Zagnut bar
A hot dog
A Snickers bar
Pop corn
21. The entire family goes to Paul Bunyan's restaurant, and Chet tries to go Man vs Food style. What does he order?
The old 88 Special
The Ultimate Feast
The Old 96er
The 72oz ribeye
22. Ouch Reg, that's got to hurt. Reg has been struck by lightning in the head how many times?
23. Chet and Roman have a huge blow out. What starts the whole fight?
Making a fire
Disagreement over who's a better husband
A newspaper article
Making dinner
24. Connie shouts a funny insult at her sister. What was it?
Go kiss a bear's ass
Go kick a pile of $hit
Go find yourself a spin cycle
Go find yourself a real man
25. The entire family shares a dirty line back and forth to each other. What was it?
Go to hell
Blow it out your ass
Go kick some $hit
Kiss my ass
26. Roman asked Chet for money to invest. How much does he want?
$ 10,000
$ 15,000
$ 20,000
$ 25,000
27. The twins find themselves down in a cave filled with:
28. Chet tries to warn the others of the bear, but he's out of breath. What does he manage to say?
Big bear chase me
Bear is after me
Big bear out their
Bear scare me
29. Connie really does loves her sister and brother in law. What does she agree to, without Chet's permission?
Give them some money
Borrow a car
Let them move in
Watch the kids so they can both get jobs
30. To what song does the family rock out to during the wild party at the lodge?
Twist and Shout
Rock Around the Clock
Tootie Fruitie
Land of a Thousand Dances

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