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How Well Do You Know: Classic Film Stars
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Just to warm up the old brain-pan, let’s start with an easy one. After innumerable bit parts, this actor’s big break, pictured above, had him not only speechless, but uncredited. Who is he?
Glenn Strange
Boris Karloff
Bela Lugosi
Lon Chaney, Jr
By way of explanation.....
Only Boris Karloff was uncredited as Frankenstein's monster.
2. They started as five in vaudeville, but only four made it on Broadway. Once Hollywood came calling, however, Minnie’s boys were soon reduced to three, and when the small screen became ascendant, only one was anointed a star. What’s the name of this famous brother act?
The Ritz Brothers
The Bacon Brothers
The Marx Brothers
The Fabulous Baker Boys
This platinum beauty’s career took off after she got a grapefruit shoved in her mush, but was tragically cut short at its apex when she succumbed to uremic poisoning at the too-young age of 26. Who is this original blonde bombshell, pictured above?
Jean Harlow
Jayne Mansfield
Judy Holliday
4. He haunted the sewers of Paris, went mad when he couldn’t be seen, fathered a werewolf, ordered an infanticide to protect one throne and usurped his brother for another, but he seemed most comfortable in the company of the usual suspects. Choose the right name, and it’ll be the start of a beautiful friendship.
Charles Laughton
Claude Rains
Conrad Veidt
Hans Conried
5. This silent-film star became known as “America’s Sweetheart” because of her girlish, innocent roles. Off-screen, however, she became the most powerful woman in Hollywood, co-founding both United Artists and AMPAS. But like many early stars, the talkies were her undoing, though perhaps her lasting legacy was shaping the film industry into what we know today. Name the “Girl with the Curls”.
Theda Bara
Clara Bow
Mary Pickford
Lillian Gish
This Shakespearean-trained actor pulled off the neat trick of portraying a number of criminals at the same time he was playing arguably the most famous law-enforcement figure in all of English literature. Who is the rakish gent pictured above?
Leslie Howard
Robert Donat
Donald Cook
Basil Rathbone
7. In the age before latex and CGI, this silent-screen icon created the most stunning transformations the screen has ever seen. His expressiveness on-camera was attributed to being the hearing son of deaf-mute parents; ironically, just as talkies took off, and his career poised to scale those heights, his voice was silenced by throat cancer, which claimed him at the age of 47. Who is he?
Lon Chaney Sr
Jean Hersholt
Adolphe Menjou
Reginald Denny
He rose to fame as one of Warner Bros’ stable of gangsters, going on to play a variety of roles from villains to heroes and everything in-between, but he always saw himself as a song-and-dance man, though he was given only one on-screen chance to display those talents. Who is this star, shown above in his favorite role?
George Raft
James Cagney
Bert Lahr
Paul Henreid
9. The clipped accent resonating in every film he inhabited, this actor played opposite everyone from Judy Garland to Cary Grant to Laurence Olivier to Peter Ustinov, but is perhaps best known as the heavenly emissary who returns Warren Beatty to Earth in Heaven Can Wait. Whose is this quintessential English aristocrat?
Frederic March
Cedric Hardwicke
James Mason
Charles Boyer
10. Another actor who rose to fame in Warner’s gangster stable was the exact opposite of his on-screen persona when off-camera. He played a variety of gangster roles, even being immortalized in an Academy Awards song Danny Kaye created listing Hollywood’s greats. Who is this actor that helped Charlton Heston discover the secret of Soylent Green?
Edward G Robinson
George Raft
Broderick Crawford
John Garfield
One of only a handful of stars who made the transition from silent films to the sound era, this English stage-trained actor played a variety of romantic heroes and swashbuckling roles, but you likely know him and his most famous film role via Maxwell Smart. Who is this suave gentleman, pictured here in said role?
Leslie Howard
Gilbert Roland
Ronald Colman
Conrad Nagel
12. A scion of an acting dynasty that continues to this day, this man was one of few actors of the Golden Age who spent the majority of his career performing from a wheelchair. Whether a villain in It’s a Wonderful Life or a kindly innkeeper in Key Largo, his booming voice and elegant elocution always stood out. Name this portly actor and inventor of the boom microphone.
John Carradine
Lionel Barrymore
John Huston
Alec Baldwin
A bit of an easy one at our halfway point: name this English beauty, famous for playing American heroines, pictured above.
Claire Trevor
Veronica Lake
Olivia De Havilland
Vivien Leigh
14. She began her show-biz career studying dance under Isadora Duncan, then became a hit on the English music-hall circuit before being brought to Hollywood by husband Charles Laughton. Though she played in any number of Disney films and TV shows, her most iconic role had her wrapped in bandages, screaming at her “husband”. Who is this very unconventional Bride?
Joan Blondell
Elsa Lanchester
Greer Garson
Angela Lansbury
Who is the fine-looking swashbuckler pictured above?
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr
Errol Flynn
Tyrone Power
Basil Rathbone
16. Though you’ve seen this next actor/stuntman a thousand times, you’d have been hard-pressed to pick him out of a line-up. A pioneer stuntman who frequently worked with John Wayne and John Ford, he helped to create many of the safety devices and techniques that are still used today to protect stunt players and animal actors. Who is this famous fall guy?
Charles “Buddy” Rogers
Raoul Walsh
George “Gabby” Hayes
Yakima Canute
This blonde bombshell was equally at home in silents and talkies, drama and comedies, and her off-screen antics would put Lindsay Lohan to shame. Name this screen siren pictured above, who died under mysterious circumstances at the age of 29?
Clara Bow
Thelma Todd
Jean Harlow
Greta Garbo
18. He became Hollywood’s go-to guy when a stand-up hero type was needed for a Western, though he was born deep in the South. He became one of the top box-office draws in the 1950s, then retired from film, investing shrewdly and living out his life as a gentleman millionaire. Name this square-jawed Western star.
Francis X Bushman
Gary Cooper
Randolph Scott
Walter Huston
19. One of many Jewish stars of the German film industry who fled the growing threat of Nazism, he was one of the few to become as big a success in the United States as he had been in his homeland. At home in every kind of film, from drama to horror to the occasional comedy, his delivery and look were so distinctive that imitators continue to pay homage to this day. Name this character actor.
Peter Lorre
Fritz Lang
F W Murnau
Max Schreck
By way of explanation.....
Lang and Murnau were directors; Schreck never emigrated to the US
This screen legend is pictured above, displaying those famous peepers.
Joan Crawford
Bette Davis
Rita Hayworth
Irene Dunne
21. This titian-tressed temptress tamed John Wayne, seduced Sinbad, taught a young Natalie Wood not to believe in Santa Claus and fell into Haley Mills’ parent trap. What redhead accomplished all this?
Lucille Ball
Norma Shearer
Maureen O’Hara
Ginger Rogers
22. She began her career as an ingénue, searching for King Solomon’s mines and falling under the not-so-tender care of Boris Karloff in a famous English insane asylum; she ended it as the matriarch of the Quartermain clan. Name this grande dame of soaps.
Ruth Warrick
Frances Reid
Erika Slezak
Anna Lee
Adept at drama, but also a gifted comedienne, the beautiful actress pictured above died tragically in a plane crash at the age of 33. Name her.
Claudette Colbert
Carole Lombard
Barbara Stanwyck
Myrna Loy
24. He was a major silent star of swashbucklers who married America’s sweetheart, and though talkies proved his downfall, his talent was immense enough to transfer to his progeny. Name this handsome star who lent one-half of his surname to a world-famous Hollywood mansion.
Douglas Fairbanks Sr
Ramon Novarro
Rudolph Valentino
Conrad Nagel
We started easy, and we end easy. There’s no mistaking this fetching fellow pictured above, one of the classic horror greats. Who is he?
Christopher Lee
Bela Lugosi
Peter Lorre
Vincent Price

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