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How Well Do You Know: V, Season 1
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1. In episode 1 of “V”, after Anna delivers her message of hope and greeting, what do the humans watching the ship do?
They started clapping
The broke out into breakdancing
Stevie Wonder busted out his keyboard and played “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind” theme.
2. In episode 2 “There is No Normal Anymore” one of the captured humans who was joining the resistance was being tortured with what kind of holographic animal?
Rigelian Blood Worms
Snakes, why’d it have to be Snakes!
3. In Episode 3 “A Bright New Day” we find out that the V’s can be connected to what?
The Force
The Blight
The Farce
The Bliss
4. In “It’s Only the Beginning” Professor Matt Combs, who was a Visitor, died. What happened to his body when he died?
It dissolved in a flash of light
Baby Geckos sprouted from his body
It levitated into the air and exploded
Rainbows and candy corn was left in its place.
5. In “Welcome to The War” FBI Agent Erica Evans gets attacked by a V in her home, she uses a picture frame to hit the V and tries to use her gun which gets sliced in half, what kitchen item does she use to initially take down the V?
A Shamwow!
A George Foreman Grill
An Iron Skillet
A Juicer
6. In “Pound of Flesh” Morris Chesnutt’s character (who is a lizard, SPOILERS!) has a human girlfriend who is pregnant and is having his baby, she doesn’t know that he’s a lizard. So she doesn’t know that that she is having a half-lizard, half-human offspring. Her body now needs this is element to survive the pregnancy?
7. In “John May” we find out he had a human family. The adopted son, years later had a ‘girl friend’ who was a V. The resistance find out she’s a V by tricking her about asking about the UCLA Football team The Bruins. The girl agreed in a trick question that they were what?
UCLA Gators
UCLA Bulldogs
UCLA Trojans
UCLA Irish
8. In “We Can’t Win” Anna and the V’s attend a worldwide conference of leading nations and wants to bring them what new technological advance?
Blue Energy
Lexcorp Energy Rails
Warp Drive Technology
Lightspeed Hyper Drive Tech
9. In “Heretic’s Fork” the assassin Jeff sided with the V’s for what reason?
They gave him a financial bailout.
They gave him super powers
They healed his daughter who was paralyzed.
They cloned his dead daughter and gave him a new one.
10. In “Hearts and Minds” the fifth column decide to test out a missile system and decide to shoot down what?
A V Shuttle carrying Trackers
A V Shuttle carrying more lizards
A V Shuttle carrying Soliders
A V Shuttle carrying dead humans
11. In “Fruition” Anna not only had her daughters legs broken but what else did she have done to make her daughter a martyr.
Shaved her full head of hair off
Carved the letter V onto her face
Removed her left arm
Popped out her right eyeball
12. In “Red Sky” Joshua the medical technician was imprisoned in an energy barrier, but he had a code prepared in case he was ever trapped. What was the code?
Bart Was Here
There Can Only Be One
Thank God This Season of this show is over
John May Lives

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