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How Well Do You Know: Grease
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1. What is the name of the high school Sandy and Danny wind up attending together?
East High School
Rydell High School
Shermer High School
Westerberg High School
2. Which Gibb brother wrote the Grease theme, performed by Frankie Valli?
3. New student Sandy, to Frenchie: "I'm no stranger to heartbreak." Frenchie:
"Well, you're in the right place, then."
"Let me introduce you to Danny Zuko."
"Why, you got psoriasis?"
4. Who has selected Rydell High as a representative American high school, and will do a live broadcast?
Lawrence Welk Show
National Bandstand
Jubilee USA
The Jack Benny Show
5. What did Sandy and Danny NOT do, according to the events listed in "Summer Nights"?
drank lemonade
made out under the dock
went "parking"
went bowling
6. How long has the Rydell football team been in a slump?
since the founding of the high school
7 seasons
they have never been in a slump
2 seasons
7. Sandy gets more involved at her new school by:
becoming a cheerleader
joining the debate team
trying out for the girls' volleyball team
asking to become one of the Pink Ladies
8. What is the name of the T-Birds' rival gang?
Greased Lightning
Black Mambas
9. Danny and Sandy meet up for the first time after their summer tryst at:
the homecoming dance
the bonfire
the varsity basketball game
a school-sponsored car wash fundraiser
10. Frenchie informs Sandy and the Pink Ladies that she is dropping out of Rydell...why?
she wants to drop out before she fails out
she would prefer to get her G.E.D.
she has been accepted into beauty school
she is pregnant
11. Rizzo asks Kenickie to call her by her first name while making out with her in the back seat of his car. What is her first name?
12. Why does Kenickie think the condom he was (unsuccessfully) unwrapping broke?
he tore the package open with his teeth
he bought it in the 7th grade
his little sister probably poked a hole in it as a prank
it wasn't the "jumbo" size
13. After seeing Sandy on a date with a football player, Danny joins the athletic club to prove he's capable of change. After a horrendous showing at numerous sports, what does Danny finally seem to master?
14. Kenickie to Rizzo: "A hickey from Kenickie is _____________."
the gift that keeps on giving
the best gift EVER
even better than a quickie
like a Hallmark card
15. Poor Frenchie has a little mishap at beauty school, and winds up with hair that Vi the waitress compares to:
an Easter egg
a jellybean
a piece of trash
cotton candy
16. Rizzo hopes Kenickie is bothered by the fact that she brought Leo, the leader of the Scorpions, to the dance-off. Yet, it seems like Rizzo is the one who ultimately has an issue...why?
Kenickie brought Leo's girlfriend to the dance-off as his date
Kenickie beats Rizzo's date to a pulp in the middle of the dance floor
Leo disappears shortly after they arrive at the dance-off
The school principal will not let Rizzo and Leo into the dance-off because her date is a "bad seed"
17. Which former teen idol appears as Teen Angel in "Beauty School Dropout", telling Frenchie to go back to high school?
Paul Anka
Frankie Avalon
Ricky Nelson
18. Which of the Pink Ladies is infatuated with National Bandstand host Vince Fontaine?
Marty Maraschino
19. Danny wins the dance-off - but who is his partner?
former flame Cha Cha DiGregorio
20. What news spreads through the drive-in like wildfire?
Rizzo might be pregnant
Danny gave Sandy his ring
Sandy is dumping Danny to date football player Tom again
Kenickie has been hurt in a car accident
21. Sandy exits Danny's car in a huff, and storms out of the drive in, when Danny:
tells her he loves her
expresses doubt regarding their relationship
questions her association with the Pink Ladies
tries to grope her
22. Danny winds up racing Kenickie's car at Thunder Road after Kenickie is unable to. What happened to Kenickie that left him unable to race?
he chased after Rizzo after she told him she was definitely pregnant
His assistant accidentally ran over his foot, breaking it
He bent over and his car door hit him in the head, knocking him out
He started vomiting due to nerves
23. The T-Birds are having trouble _______________ at the end-of-the-year carnival, which Coach Calhoun says might have been possible had they attended gym class.
shooting basketballs into the net in order to win a prize
hitting Coach Calhoun in the face with a pie
getting the bell to "ding" on the StrongMan game
shooting a target with a squirt gun
24. Rizzo finds Kenickie at the carnival and tells him she is not pregnant. What does he do in return?
shouts and jumps for joy
offers to "make an honest woman" out of her
dumps her
tells her his other girlfriend IS pregnant
25. Why does Danny show up to the carnival wearing a Letterman jacket?
he lettered in track
he stole it from a jock to impress Sandy
he wanted to match whatever dress Sandy was wearing
he wanted the T-Birds to know he was no longer "one of them"

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