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How Well Do You Know: Gremlins
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1. Howie Mandel may be a hands-off person, but he had a hand in making Gremlins. What character did he play?
Rockin' Ricky
police officer
2. How much did Billy's dad pay for Gizmo?
3. What was the name of the town in which the film was set?
Kingston Falls
Kingsford Falls
Kingsbury Village
Kings Island
4. An future child star - a relative unknown at the time - played Billy's best friend Pete. Who was it?
Wil Wheaton
Corey Feldman
C. Thoms Howell
Corey Haim
5. We never know why Billy has to take his dog to work. What's that cute doggy's name?
6. Having a Mogwai's a big responsibility. Which one is NOT one of the rules?
Don't get em wet
Keep em out of bright light
Don't get em angry
Never feed after midnight
7. What is Billy's last name?
8. Billy's dad kept trying to peddle his crappy invention. What was it called?
Kitchen Commando
Patio Pal
Bathroom Buddy
9. Billy doesn't want to be a banker for the rest of his life. What does Billy aspire to be?
Store owner
10. Mrs. Deagle is so mean! Like a wicked witch, she wants to kill Billy's dog. What did she say she'll do to him:
Hit him with her car
Sic her cats on him
Put him in her dryer
Put him in her oven
11. Billy is in love with Katey, who second job is in a bar. What's the name of the bar?
Dorry's Tavern
Mindy's Tavern
Dotty's Pub
Jerry's Place
12. One person already knows about the Gremlins and warns people about them. Who was it?
Billy's dad
Mr. Futterman
The Asian kid who sold Gizmo
13. That funny guy from Beverly Hills Cop plays Gerald. He's trying to steal Billy's woman. What does he brag about to try to impress her?
Having a expensive car
Having cable
Having a big T.V
Having connections
By way of explanation.....
"That funny guy from Beverly Hills Cop" = Judge Reinhold
14. Billy is first attacked in the kitchen by one of his dad's crazy inventions. Which one is it?
The orange juice maker
The toaster
The ice maker
The apple squeezer
15. Poor Pete, his dad made him wear a Christmas costume. What was it?
A angel
A elf
A tree
A reindeer
16. Who spills the water on Gizmo, making him multiply?
Billy's mom
17. Those clever Mogwais trick Billy into feeding them. What do they eat?
Fried chicken
Apple pie
Baby back ribs
Honey glazed ham
18. Mom knows someone sneaking around in the house when Christmas music starts blasting. What song was it?
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
Silent Night
Do You Hear What I Hear
Up on the Roof Top
19. Good for you, mom! It was nice to see a woman fight back for a change. Which of the following is *not* a way in which she killed a Gremlin?
With a mixer
With a microwave
With a stove
With a knife
20. What is the name of the head Gremlin?
21. Mrs. Deagle turns out to be a crazy cat lady. What has she named all of her cats after?
Shakespeare's work
Singers of the 40's
European cities
Types of money
22. Mean old Mrs. Deagle.... Nobody will miss her except for her cats. How is she killed?
Thrown out of a window by electric chair
Thrown down stairs
Car runs into her house
The roof caves in
23. What happens to Mr. & Mrs. Futterman?
The are attacked in the streets
A snowplow drives into their house
The Gremlins attack from their Christmas tree
They are in a car accident
24. Those crazy Gremlins cause all sorts of trouble . What crime did they NOT commit?
Eat someone's arm in a mailbox
Attack a Santa Claus
Turn all traffic lights green
Burn down the school
25. For what I always thought was kind of a kids movie, there are two death scenes. Who are the two people we see dead?
Mrs. Deagle and the Sheriff
The Sheriff and Deputy
Mr. Hanson and Mrs. Deagle
Mr. and Mrs. Futterman
26. Those Gremlins love movies too. What movie are they watching?
Snow White
Sleeping Beauty
27. The finale showdown between Stripe and Billy takes place in what store?
K Mart
True Value
28. Poor Kate really hates Christmas. Why?
Her mom left
Her dad died playing Santa
She never got what she wanted
Grandma got ran over by a reindeer
29. Stripe is a total wack-job, he tries to kill Billy each of the following ways, except:
With a tennis ball thrower
With a gun
By throwing saw blades
By running him over
30. When Gizmo's owner comes to take him back, he's really P.O.'ed. What was the bad habit Gizmo had picked up?
Sing rock n roll
Speak English
Watch T.V
Drive a car

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