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How Well Do You Know: Justified, Season 1
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1. What is the title of the Elmore Leonard short story in which Raylan Givens first appears and upon which the pilot is based?
The Boy Who Smiled
Fire In The Hole
Blood Money
The Longest Day of his Life
2. In the pilot, Raylan meets with a man named Thomas Buckley to make good on an ultimatum he had posed to him: get out of town, or you're dead. How long had he given Buckley to get out of town?
10 minutes
12 hours
24 hours
48 hours
3. Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) is an old friend who finds himself at odds with Raylan in the pilot thanks to his tendency to break the law. Which of these crimes did he not commit in the pilot?
Steal a police car
Blow up a church
Kill someone
Hold someone hostage
4. In "Riverbrook", Raylan visits Boyd in a prison hospital ward, where he is recovering from being shot by Raylan at the end of the pilot. What does he discover about Boyd?
He's fallen into a coma
He's fallen in love with one of the nurses
He has become a born-again Christian
He's become part of a medical supply smuggling outfit
5. In "Long in the Tooth", which actor, arguably most famous for appearing in a John Hughes film, guest starred as a rogue dentist?
Alan Ruck
Judd Nelson
Jeffrey Jones
Anthony Michael Hall
6. Why is Alan Ruck's character on the run from the cartel?
He operated on a cartel boss who, under anaesthetic, told him where a load of drug money was hidden, which he then stole
He embezzled money from the cartel in his old role as an accountant
He murdered the boss' brother and made it look like an allergic reaction to novocaine
He witnessed a hit being carried out whilst he was visiting a patient and now the cartel want to silence him
7. "The Lord of War and Thunder" introduces us to Raylan's ne'er do well father, Arlo, who fills us in on some Givens family history. What did Arlo's father do for a living that caused him to rebel and become a criminal?
Federal Marshall
8. Also in "The Lord of War and Thunder", we find Raylan staking out a house in search of a parole violator. How does he win the confidence of the man's wife?
He seduces her
He offers to do yardwork
He pretends to be a traveling salesman
He impresses her with his knowledge of country standards
9. Tony "Buster Bluth" Hale guest starred in "The Collection" as part of a trio of murderers involved in some insurance fraud. What did he say when their victim was shot?
"JFK was alive for hours!"
"Well, that was easy."
"Just like Lincoln."
"We're monsters!"
10. In "The Collection", why does Robert Picardo's character want to collect paintings by Adolf Hitler?
They make a hell of a conversation piece at parties
He thought that Hitler had a certain flair
To destroy them
There's a hidden code in the paintings that can only be decoded if he has all of them
11. Who was behind the attempted murder of Raylan and Ava in "Blindspot"?
Sheriff Mosely
12. W. Earl Brown guest stars as a prisoner who creates a hostage situation in the Marshals office in "Blowback". In which film/tv series did Brown and Timothy Olyphant previously appear?
A Perfect Getaway
13. What helps Raylan defuse the hostage situation in "Blowback"?
Cal's favourite Merle Haggard song
Some chicken
A well-timed punch to Cal's jaw
Cal suffers a heart attack
14. How does Raylan inadvertently cause Boyd to be released from jail?
He sleeps with Ava, compromising her as a witness
Boyd's cousin starts a fight with Raylan, which his lawyers use to imply there was animosity between the families that makes Raylan's testimony unreliable
By exposing Sheriff Mosely as a corrupt drug peddler, Raylan invalidated all the arrests he had been involved with, including Boyd's
He fails to prevent Johnny Crowder from destroying a vital piece of evidence
15. What does Raylan say to the guys at the bar when trying to get his hat back in "Hatless"?
"Take it from me, it can be real painful losing a nice hat like that."
"No one will think any less of you for giving my hat back with no fuss. They probably don't think that much of you to begin with."
"The cowboy look's a bit dated, don't ya think?"
"That's a ten-gallon hat on a twenty-gallon head."
16. What is the name of the religious organisation that Boyd sets up when he gets out of prison?
The Church of the Third Revelation
The Church of the Last Chance Salvation
The Church of the Everlasting Redemption
The Church of the Infinite Forgiveness
17. In "Fathers and Sons", how does Arlo tell Bo that he's wearing a wire?
Codewords the two used as boys
A pad of paper
Sign language
He makes the sound of a dying giraffe
18. What was the incredibly apt title of Justified's season finale?
19. Which of these is not a punishment Bo metes out to Boyd for his transgressions against the interests of the Crowder family?
Has him smacked around by Johnny
Has all of Boyd's followers killed
Disowns Boyd
Sets Boyd's camp on fire
20. Why does Boyd get angry when his father, Bo, is killed, despite Bo killing all of Boyd's congregation and disowning him earlier in the episode?
Despite it all, he loved his Daddy
Bo was the only one who knew where all the Crowders' drug money was buried
Boyd wanted his father to be taken alive so he could face justice
He had planned to shoot him himself

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