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How Well Do You Know: Youth in Revolt
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1. Nick Twisp, speaking of his name, says it sounds like a(n) _____.
Gay, New York playwright
Evil nurse in a mental institution
Sex-obsessed park ranger
Depressed and suicidal bus driver
2. Mr. Ferguson, played by Fred Willard, is constantly getting arrested. Why?
For getting high on mushrooms
For adding grafitti to things in public places
For housing illegal immigrants in his basement
For setting up his home with illegal cable
3. Nick: "Either way, you probably want to get your dick straightened out." Who's Nick talking to?
His dad
4. What's the name of the trailer park Nick is forced to live in for a short period of time with his mother and Jerry?
Broken Dreams
Restless Axles
The Settlement
Windy Meadow
5. In Sheeni's family portrait, this member of the family isn't smiling.
Mr. Saunders
Mrs. Saunders
6. Sheeni's boyfriend, Trent, specializes in this kind of poetry.
Free verse
Futurist percussive
Rhyme royal
7. Nick offers to buy a black dog for Sheeni for $10, but discovers he doesn't have the money. Instead, he pays with this.
A limited edition graphic novel
A public transpo ticket
A Subway card
8. Finish Francois' line: "I'm gonna wrap your legs around my _____ and wear you like the _____ that you are."
Legs; leggings
Waist; belt
Head; crown
Neck; tie
9. Nick ends up back in Oakland with his mom and Jerry. Why?
His mom got a job offer she couldn't refuse
Mr. Ferguson needed a place to stay
Nick's dog became allergic to the trailer park
Jerry threw his back out while in bed with Estelle
10. Finish Jerry's line: "_____ are all talk, all the time."
Pack rats
11. Jerry exits the picture. Why?
He dies of a heart attack
He cheats on Estelle
He goes on an extended vacation
He goes to school in Idaho
12. What does Francois write with white spray paint on the side of the family trailer?
I heart Sheeni Saunders
Rebel with a cause
God's perfect asshole
Whereabouts unknown
13. Sheeni pitches a trade magazine job to Nick's dad, and he reluctantly accepts. What's the name of the magazine?
Carpeting Weekly
Progressive Plywood
Piano Technician's Journal
Simple Cementing
14. Francois practically sets Berkeley on fire. Besides being sent away to live with his father, what punishment must he endure?
Whips to the ass
A timeout
No phone privileges
A fine
15. Sheeni is sent away to a prep school because her parents learn of Nick's wrongdoings and consider him a bad influence. How do they find this out?
Mr. Saunders beat it out of Nick
Mrs. Saunders overhears a phone conversation
Mrs. Saunders reads her daughter's diary
Nick tells them while high on Paul's weed
16. Vijay offers his grandmother's car to Nick and says asking permission for it isn't really necessary. Why?
His grandmother is dead
His grandmother is in prison
His grandmother is in the hospital
His gradmother lives in a different state
17. Nick and Vijay, without clothes, get kicked out of the prep school. Who does Nick phone for help?
Mr. Ferguson
His dad
His mom
18. Nick works with Bernice to get Sheeni kicked out of school. He gives Bernice this.
Rat poison
Dietary suppliments
Sleeping pills
19. High on mushrooms, Paul plays the _____.
20. Nick: "I'll only ask once that you and your adorable sweater step away from the door." Who's Nick talking to?
Mr. Saunders
21. Nick is able to join Sheeni for this holiday without incident because her parents are high on mushrooms.
Fourth of July
New Year's
22. It's Thanksgiving. At the dinner table, Sheeni's father is noticeably covered in this.
Cranberry sauce
Mashed potatoes
23. Besides Francois, Nick has an additional alter ego in the movie. What's her name?
24. Nick finally gets arrested. Where does this happen?
Sheeni's room
On his driveway
At the high school
At the park
25. Youth in Revolt was released by this studio.
Fox Searchlight
Weinstein Company
New Line Cinema
Focus Features

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