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How Well Do You Know: The Silence of the Lambs
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You think you're crazy, Lecter? Have you ever taken a shot at the president for me?

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1. Which author wrote the novel "The Silence of the Lambs"?
Stephen King
Robert B. Parker
Thomas Harris
James Patterson
2. The character of Dr. Hannibal Lecter was first portrayed in "Manhunter" (1986) by which actor?
William Petersen
Brian Cox
Jeremy Irons
Woody Allen
3. FBI Agent Clarice Starling has a meeting with Special Agent Crawford. How had they met before?
They've worked a case together
He's seen more than just her briefs
He's a friend of her father's
She took his seminar in college
4. According to her file, in what field does Agent Starling really want to work when she graduates?
Behavioral Sciences
Forensic Lab Sciences
Hostage Rescue Team
Organized Crime
5. Dr. Hannibal Lecter was what kind of doctor before his capture?
6. While attacking an asylum nurse, Dr. Lecter's "pulse never got above __, even when he ate her tongue."
7. Lecter convinces another inmate of the asylum, Multiple Miggs, to kill himself. By what means?
Hanging himself
Slitting his wrists
Setting himself on fire
Swallowing his tongue
8. As punishment for Miggs, Dr. Chilton places a tv in front of Lecter's cell. What program is playing?
A televangelist
A test pattern
A music video
Scrambled cable porn
9. The corpse of one of Buffalo Bill's victims has something in her mouth. What is it?
A note
A cocoon
A poison dart frog
A nipple ring
10. Buffalo Bill seeks out a particular type of girl. What size clothing does Catherine Martin wear?
11. Buffalo Bill's hostage turns out to be the daughter of what significant person?
Mayor of Baltimore
Governor of West Virginia
Senator from Tennessee
U.S. Vice President
12. Clarice brings a written offer to Lecter for his help in profiling Buffalo Bill. The offer includes all but what?
Future FBI case files
A transfer to a NY hospital
Access to books
Swimming in the ocean
13. The personal deal struck by Clarice and Lecter is described by what dead language term?
Ipso Facto
Pro bono
Ad quod damnum
Quid pro quo
14. The first story Clarice tells of her childhood is about her father. What job did daddy do?
FBI agent
Coal miner
Ranch owner
Town marshal
15. What is the name of Buffalo Bill's dog?
Miss Mofet
16. Buffalo Bill warns Catherine to put the lotion in the basket, or else what?
He'll take away her food
She'll get the hose again
He'll break her fingernails
She'll be skinned alive
17. What is the revealed phrase of the anagram Lecter gives as the 'real' name for Buffalo Bill?
18. Lecter receives a meal while awaiting return to the asylum. What food did he request?
Lamb chops
Liver and fava beans
Rocky Mountain Oysters
19. Lecter's also got a taste for freedom. How does he initiate his escape from his cage in Memphis?
He convinces the rookie guard to unlock him
He uses a smuggled pen to unlock his handcuffs
Clarice lets him out under false pretenses
He hides behind a room divider
20. Clarice does not believe that the escaped Dr. Lecter might come after her. What's her reasoning?
He's going after Chilton first
She's protected at the academy
He only attacks men
He would consider it rude
21. Agent Crawford determines Buffalo Bill's identity and initiates a raid. Where is Crawford's raid?
Memphis, TN
Belvedere, OH
Calumet City, IL
Baltimore, MD
22. What is the final tip off to Clarice that she's speaking to Buffalo Bill himself?
Bill pulls a gun on her
She hears Catherine scream
She sees a moth
Bill gives his known alias
23. In the film's tense climax, Bill has a serious advantage over Clarice. What is it?
She's blinded by mace
Clarice is knocked unconscious
Bill holds Catherine as a human shield
He has night vision goggles
24. How does Buffalo Bill meet his demise?
Clarice shoots him
Agent Crawford shoots him
He shoots himself
Precious mauls the crap out of him
25. "Silence of the Lambs" was nominated for seven Oscars. How many did it win?

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