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How Well Do You Know: SNL Digital Shorts II
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1. "Lazy Sunday": Finish Andy's line: "I love those cupcakes like _____."
Grandmas love Snapple
McAdams loves Gosling
Flies love feces
MTV loves trash
2. "Lazy Sunday": _____ + _____ = Crazy Delicious
Mr. Pibb; Red Vines
Mountain Dew; marshmallows
Dr. Pepper; brownies
Iced tea; chocolate graham crackers
3. "Cherry Battle": This digital short pits Andy Samberg against guest star _____.
Betty White
Jennifer Lopez
Megan Fox
Gabourey Sidibe
4. "Cherry Battle": Gabourey gets distracted by one cherry in particular. Why?
It's green
It's very large
It sings
It doesn't shoot out from Andy's mouth like the other cherries
5. "Great Day": We first meet a coked-up Andy in this location.
The bathroom
A kitchen
The park
In a cubicle
6. "Great Day": Andy has a freak out on the street, but feels better after he does more coke. What sets him off?
The sun
A unicyclist nearly crashes into him
Someone touches him
A purple porcupine
7. "I'm on a Boat": Andy wins a boat trip. He can take two people with him. One of his guests happens to be this hip hop artist.
Ice Cube
Flo Rida
8. "I'm on a Boat": It's T-Pain. And, he's actually pretty elated by the end when he brags that he boned a _____.
9. "I'm on a Boat": One of Andy's friends spends time on the boat riding this inflatable, aquatic mammal.
A dolphin
A seal
A whale
A shark
10. "Motherlover": The Dick in a Box guys make their triumphant return to SNL in this Mother's Day short. In it, Susan Sarandon plays Andy Samberg's mom, while _____ plays Justin Timberlake's.
Charlize Theron
Bonnie Hunt
Sigourney Weaver
Patricia Clarkson
11. "Motherlover": The sketch says it occurs _____ months after "Dick in a Box."
12. "The Curse": Jon Hamm plays _____, a character who haunts Andy by dancing around sexily playing a _____.
Marcus; trumpet
Sergio; saxophone
Felipe; Violin
Herman; flute
13. "The Curse": Why is Andy cursed?
He failed to give money to a homeless person
He played with a Quija board
He let a special flower die
He stepped on a dreamcatcher
14. "Like a Boss": In the same day, Andy hits on _____ and then both pukes and poops on her desk.
15. "Like a Boss": On a typical work day, what country does Andy bomb?
North Korea
16. "Extreme Challenge": Andy Samberg faces off against Kristen Wiig in a series of odd challenges. Which one do they tie?
Human ATM
Hat balance
Shoe hands
Act casual
17. "Extreme Challenge": Their referee, played by Will Forte, wins some challenges of his own. How many?
18. "Booty Call": When Alicia Keys makes her booty call to Andy, he says he's eating cookie dough and watching this TV show.
Grey's Anatomy
Boston Legal
Law & Order
19. "Booty Call": At one point, Andy calls his grandmother, played by Kristen Wiig. Except she mishears Andy and thinks it isn't Alicia Keys he's talking to, but _____.
Tom Hanks
Gary Sinise
David Spade
John Cleese
20. "Ras Trent": Ras Trent taps on a number of bald heads and then points to a(n) _____.
Ear of corn
Potted plant
21. "Ras Trent": _____ and _____ play Ras Trent's backup singers.
Kristen Wiig; Casey Wilson
Abby Elliott; Nasim Pedrad
Jenny Slate; Nasim Pedrad
Kristen Wiig; Abby Elliott
22. "Firelight": SNL mocks Twilight with a fake movie trailer "from the makers of Twilight." Instead of vampires, the movie stars Frankensteins. What is their family name?
The Greens
The Bolts
The Franks
The Stranglers
23. "Firelight": Taylor Swift plays a character not unlike Bella Swan. Finish her line: "I know what you are. Your skin is green. You have bolts in your neck. You _____."
Freak out around fire
Like to choke people
Make strange noises
Walk differently
24. "Brenda & Shaun": Drew Barrymore and Fred Armisen play entertainers for all occassions. Of the following, which one doesn't the duo specialize in?
Eye exams
Bank robberies
Medical emergencies
25. "Brenda & Shaun": The entertainers wear matching outfits. Silver and white jumpsuits and a _____ tie.

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