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How Well Do You Know: License to Kill
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Latin American drug lord has dropped into the Bahamas to surprise his girlfriend (and her lover). What is his girlfriend’s name?
Andrea Amore
Lupe Lamora
Rosa Remora
Ximena Ximore
Felix Leiter is called away from his wedding to capture Sanchez. His bride-to-be, Della, is played by an actress best known for her role in:
Private Benjamin
Three’s Company
The Facts of Life
The theme song for Licence to Kill is performed by:
Aretha Franklin
Dionne Warwick
Natalie Cole
Gladys Knight
Bond does a lot of jumping in and out of aircraft this movie. Of the following, what does he not do?
transfer from a helicopter to plane in mid-flight
climb aboard a seaplane during take-off
jump from a flying plane to a moving semi-trailer
parachute out of an aircraft to land on a boat
Felix and Della have a wedding gift for Bond. What is it?
a penknife
a wristwatch
a cigarette lighter
Sanchez escapes and exacts his revenge on Leiter by having Della killed and then:
putting several bullets into each of Leiter’s limbs
feeding Leiter to a shark
forcing Leiter’s legs into a running boat propellor
chopping off Leiter’s limbs with a chainsaw
Bond finds Leiter’s body, with a note. What is written on the note?
“This was no boat accident”
“He disagreed with something that ate him”
“He bit off more than he could chew”
“He shouldn’t have ordered the fish”
WaveKrest Enterprises is a front for Sanchez’s smuggling operations. Where is the cocaine hidden?
in the aquariums
in the gutted fish
in the shark tank
in the maggots
M shows up to call Bond to task for his extra-curricular activities and revoke his licence to kill. Their meeting takes place at a house that was once lived in by which writer?
Tennessee Williams
Ernest Hemingway
William Faulkner
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Bond makes contact with Leiter’s one surviving informant, Pam Bouvier. What’s her occupation?
marine biologist
arms dealer
Their meeting is interrupted by Sanchez’s evil henchman Dario is played by a very young:
Benicio del Toro
Danny Trejo
John Leguizamo
Javier Bardem
According to Pam, Dario was kicked out of what organisation?
the Contras
the Shining Path
Cuban intelligence
the Sandinistas
Sanchez uses Joe Butcher, a televangelist, to advertise his prices and take orders for delivery. Joe Butcher is played by:
Robert Goulet
Joey Bishop
Wayne Newton
Donny Osmond
Sanchez has a pet
President Lopez comes to complain that his cheque is half the usual amount this month. How does Sanchez dismiss him?
“Presidents are cheap. I can always buy a new one.”
“You were only half as useful to me this month.”
“Remember, you’re only President for life.”
“Perhaps I should take half of your life instead.”
Bond receives a surprise visit from Q, his “uncle from London”. What does Q not bring Bond?
laser camera
pen grenade
explosive toothpaste
signature gun
Bond frames Krest for conspiring to kill Sanchez by leaving piles of money on his boat. How does Sanchez punish Krest for his betrayal?
he drags Krest behind the boat over a coral reef
he puts a live grenade down Krest’s pants and throws him overboard
he locks Krest in a hyperbaric chamber and depressurises it
he feeds Krest to his own pirhanas
What does Sanchez say to do with the money?
spend it
save it
burn it
launder it
Sanchez takes Bond with a group of Asian investors to his laboratory, where he demonstrates a new method for making cocaine undetectable:
blending it with ground coffee
disguising it as potato chips
dissolving it in gasoline
molding it into plaster
Pam infiltrates Joe Butcher’s Olimpatech Meditation Institute by claiming to be a fan of the televangelist with plenty of cash. What city does she say claim to be from?
Wichita Falls
How is Heller killed?
dropped into a giant cocaine grinder
machine-gunned by Sanchez
blown up with a Stinger missile
impaled on a forklift
The first shipment of cocaine has been loaded onto four tanker trucks, which are destroyed one by one. Of the following, which did not mean the destruction of a tanker?
blown up by a Stinger missile
punctured, then set alight from its trail of gasoline
rammed into another tanker
rolled off the road and then exploded
How does Bond kill Sanchez?
with a machete
with a Stinger missile
by burning him alive
by dropping him off a cliff
At the end of the movie Bond makes off with Pam, palming Lupe off onto:
President Lopez
Felix Leiter
Joe Butcher
Bonus Question: Licence to Kill marked the first time that the role of Felix Leiter was reprised by the same actor. In what other Bond movie did David Hedison play Felix Leiter?
Live and Let Die
Diamonds are Forever
A View to a Kill

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