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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Radio Bart
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Bart’s birthday is coming up, and Homer has decided to get him the Superstar Celebrity Microphone. He was particularly inspired by the use of the microphone to perform:
East Bound and Down
Rhinestone Cowboy
The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Bart has a book of birthday discount coupons. He tries all of the following, except:
free ice cream sundae
free tango lesson
free stock trades
free shave
Bart’s birthday part is at Wall E. Weasel’s. The animatronic conductor of the band is named:
Arturo Moosecanini
John Phillip Mousa
Signor Beaverotti
Leonard Bearnstein
Bart’s birthday presents are a poor lot at best. What do Patty and Selma give him?
label maker
etiquette guide
Bart uses his microphone to fake a Martian invasion. What word does he use to describe the President?
Bart uses the microphone for various other practical jokes, including all the following except:
faking Maggie’s first words
announcing the nuclear power plant is closing
listening to Lisa talking about Cory with his shirt off
convincing Rod and Todd Flanders to deliver cookies
Bart’s greatest prank comes in convincing Springfield that he’s a small boy trapped in a well. What name does he use?
Timmy O’Toole
Petey O’Toole
Jimmy O’Toole
Tommy O’Toole
There are various ill-conceived plans to free “Timmy” from his plight, including all but which one of the following?
a trained eagle
a hook baited with chocolate
an industrial-strength vacuum
freezing him in liquid nitrogen for future generations
Krusty enlists Sting as well as other Springfield celebrities to record a charity single named:
We’re Sending Our Love Down The Well
Let’s Wish Him Out Of The Well
What A Wonderful Well
Does He Know It’s Daytime?
Lisa finds out Bart’s secret, and suggests that when Springfieldians find out how he has lied and manipulated them, they are going to:
hold him down and saw off his head
rip him apart like wild dogs
chain him up in the forest to be eaten by bears
cut him up with rusty razors
In a harsh case of poetic justice, Bart is trapped down the well and the town decides to leave him there. Homer decides to dig Bart out anyway. Who is next to grab a shovel?
Groundskeeper Willie
Ned Flanders
Dr Hibbert
What story knocks Bart off the front pages?
America’s Favorite Pencil: #2 is #1
Ketchup Truck Hits Hamburger Stand
Squirrel Resembling Abraham Lincoln Found
President, Rock Star To Swap Wives

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