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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington
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Homer has become obsessed with Reading Digest magazine. What prominent author does he quote from Quotable Notables?
Leo Tolstoy
Charles Dickens
J.D. Salinger
James Joyce
What is the sound that all Arctic explorers dread?
the relentless grinding of the ice floes
the puff of the narwhal’s blowhole
the pitiless bark of the sea-lion
the silent shuffling of the polar bear
What cooking idea does Marge get from Reading Digest?
honey-glazed Spam
meatloaf men
deep-fried baked bean fingers
Kansas City-style hotdogs
Lisa is entering a patriotic essay contest. If he were alive today, who would say “think of a better opening?”
George Washington
Thomas Paine
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin
The Simpsons are going to Washington! What public institution does Homer boo?
the IRS
Ford’s Theatre
the National Air and Space Museum
the Supreme Court
The Simpsons go on a tour of the White House, which features a plaque commemorating the spot where Richard Nixon:
masterminded the American victory in Vietnam
shook hands with Elvis Presley
bowled back-to-back 300 games
was pardoned by Gerald Ford
Lisa meets her Congressional representative Bob Arnold. How many women senators are there in Congress?
At whose monument does Lisa come across Congressman Arnold taking a bribe?
May Archer Brownell
Winifred Beecher Howe
Harriet Sloper Newland
Elizabeth Ransom Welland
Of the following, who is not one of the judges at the Reading Digest essay contest?
perennial third-party candidate Wilson DeFarge
skincare specialist Rowena
founding member of Styx, Dennis De Young
wealthy gadabout Chilton Gaines
Lisa has torn up her essay “The Roots of Democracy”. What is the title of her new essay?
Why Our Country Sucks
Greedy Hogs Fill Their Snouts at the Trough
Washington: City of Scum
Cesspool on the Potomac
An FBI sting operation catches Congressman Arnold accepting a bribe to allow:
open pit mining the Grand Canyon
draining the Everglades for gold
drilling for oil in Mt Rushmore
the sale of Alaska back to Russia
The entertainment at the Reading Digest contest is a singing, piano-playing satirist. Of the following ditties, which does he not play?
the Deficit Rag
the Nuclear Treaty Polka
the Trading Gap Shuffle
Let Me Tell You about Lisa S.

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