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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Lisa the Greek
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It’s football season, and that means football betting season! Smooth Jimmy Apollo is right what per cent of the time?
What shared interest did Homer and Lisa formerly have?
peek-a-boo games
playing “I’ve got your nose”
burping contests
tickle fights
Watching football with Homer becomes a Sunday ritual for Lisa. What team does she pick because they always cheat?
the Patriots
the Dolphins
the Raiders
the Falcons
Lisa goes to the library to conduct research. Of the following, which is not listed in the library card catalogue?
football, homoeroticism in
football, oddball Canadian rules
football, Phyllis George in
football, poor ratio of game time to actual playing time
Lisa’s research helps Homer continually win at football bets. According to Homer, what at Moe’s smells like victory?
stale beer and peanuts
musty barflies
Moe’s smelly feet
the men’s room
Now flush with cash, Homer buys gifts for the Simpson family. What perfume does he buy for Marge?
Meryl Streep’s Versatility
Bette Midler’s Yenta
Barbra Streisand’s Egomania
Miss Piggy’s Moi
Homer makes a date with Barney to go bowling the Sunday after Super Bowl, even though Barney’s mother is coming in from:
What was the happiest day of Ralph’s life?
when he learnded he could put his finger in his nose
when the doctor said he didn’t have worms any more
when he found where Mommy keeps the matches
when he hadn’t wet the bed for a whole week
Betrayed that Homer’s only interested in her for her gambling ability, Lisa announces to the world she is giving away all of her ill-gotten Malibu Stacy accessories. Which is the last one taken?
Malibu Stacy Alfa Romeo
Malibu Stacy chinchilla coat
Malibu Stacy lunar rover
Malibu Stacy collagen-injection clinic
Lisa tearfully tells Homer her pick for the Super Bowl. Who’s playing this year?
Green Bay and San Diego
Washington and Buffalo
Denver and Pittsburgh
Dallas and New York Giants
Troy McClure has a new show called Handle With Care. He decided to do it because he fell in love with the script, but what sealed the deal?
his divorce from Dolores Montenegro
his expensive recovery from Roxicodone
his recent trouble with the IRS
his unfortunate drunk-driving accident and civil suit liabilities
What do Homer and Lisa do together on the Daddy-Daughter day after the Super Bowl?
go to Springfield Observatory
climb Mt. Springfield
hike through Springfield National Park
visit the Springfield Knowledgeum

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