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How Well Do You Know: How I Met Your Mother, Season Five
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One of my favorite shows and the 1st time I got to watch every episode! Great quiz, had to think about a few of them.
cambric 6/19/10 7:56 am


1. "Definitions": In the fifth season premiere episode, what blunder does Ted commit on his first day as an architecture proffess..proffes...P-R-O-F... professor?
He fails to suit up
He asks a student out on a date
He starts teaching to the wrong room of students
He refers to the university dean a pompous ass in an ivory tower
By way of explanation.....
Ted goes on for a long time refusing questions before the students finding out he's in the room for Econ.
2. "Double Date": Over the years the group has seen lookalikes of themselves around the city. Who is "the third Doppleganger" seen in this episode?
Stripper Lily
Mustache Marshall
Lesbian Robin
Redneck Ted
3. "Robin 101": Let's see how well you know Robin. What phrase does she use when she means to say "I love you"?
You smell good
You're my favorite
You're an idiot
4. "Duel Citizenship": While Robin is dealing with becoming a U.S. citizen, Ted and Marshall head off on a road trip. Why?
Their favorite Chicago pizza place is closing
Ted's visiting his future wife
They have to bail Barney out of Canadian jail
By way of explanation.....
Gazola's pizzeria was Ted and Marshall's favorite road trip destination in college. Meanwhile, Robin's citizenship crisis takes place at a Tim Hortons.
5. "Bagpipes": Marshall isn't great at fighting in relationships, especially when Lily fights dirty with this tactic:
Her freaky impression of The Shining
Her delicious, freshly made pancakes
Her emasculating joke, "that's what HE said!"
Her irresistible Relationship Argument Lingerie
By way of explanation.....
Barney's argument-avoidance tactic is to just walk out of the room. Robin's tactic is to show him her boobs.
6. "Rough Patch:" What instruction does Barney leave for Ted on one of his porn tapes in the case of his death?
Spread my ashes in the centerfold of a Playboy and mail me to Sweden
Call every girl I've ever slept with and use my death for your own good
Take my body and recreate Weekend at Bernie's
Make sure Marshall's first born is named after me
By way of explanation.....
The tape in question: Archisexture. Alan Thicke makes a guest appearance at the end of the episode when Barney and Robin break up.
7. "The Playbook": What's the name of the playbook move Barney uses to outwit Lily?
The Ted Mosby
The Scuba Diver
The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn
The Astronaut
By way of explanation.....
Other plays mentioned: The Mrs. Stinsfire, and The My Penis Grants Wishes ("only if you rub it hard enough")
8. "Slapsgiving 2": In thanks for saving Marshall's turkey, he bequeaths the right to slap Barney. Who ultimately delivers the slap in this episode?
Lily's dad (guest star Chris Elliott)
By way of explanation.....
The slap right is passed around. Lily's dad can't do it, and Lily can't do it, but just as it appears Marshall is going to let Barney go free he delivers the slap.
9. "Slapsgiving 2": The original slap bet was for five free slaps. How many are left after this episode?
10. "The Window": Ted's always had a thing for a girl who's never been without a boyfriend. What's her name?
11. "Last Cigarette Ever": Future Ted recounts when each of the gang smoked their last cigarette. When was his?
That very night
June 2013
The day his first kid was born
Two weeks into dating your mother
By way of explanation.....
Robin's was in June 2013, Barney's in July 2017, Lily's when she became pregnant, and Marshall's when his first son was born.
12. "Girls vs. Suits": If you were to argue that the bartender is benefitting from "circumstantial hotness," you'd be agreeing with:
By way of explanation.....
Robin proves this by walking behind the counter and suddenly appearing as if she's in a rock star video.
13. "Jenkins": Which one is a secret skee ball champion nicknamed Big Fudge at a local college bar?
By way of explanation.....
Amanda Peet guests stars as Marshall's coworker Jenkins in this episode.
14. "The Perfect Week": According to Jim Nance, there two things you never do: don't jinx a perfect week, and:
Don't sneak up on Muhammad Ali to find out if he's ticklish
Don't snap Katie Couric's bra more than once
Don't open email from Phil Simms in front of your kids
Don't write down Brett Farve's address in permanent ink
15. "Rabbit or Duck": Where does Barney's phone number show up to guarantee him a constant stream of female callers?
A Times Square billboard
The Super Bowl stands
Robin's morning show
A radio interview with Howard Stern
By way of explanation.....
At the end of the episode, Robin sees Don as a duck.
16. "Hooked": According to Barney, name the hottest job for chicks.
Pharma sales rep
Cab driver
Advice columnist
17. "Of Course": Look at yourself, you dumb slut, and follow self-help author Jennifer Lopez's rules. How long is she going to make Barney wait before he can sleep with her?
They don't even make it to dinner
One week
Seventeen dates
Not until marriage
By way of explanation.....
Lopez desperately drops the restriction from 17 to 12 to 11 to tonight, but Barney valiantly refuses out of deference to Robin.
18. "Say Cheese": Lily's wish is to take a picture of the group without one of Ted's dumb skanks. What's Robin's goal?
To get just one picture of her with her boyfriend
To get a bad picture of Barney
To delete every photo of Robin Sparkles from the internet
To get an autographed photo of Alan Thicke
By way of explanation.....
Every picture of Barney ever taken shows him in the same pose, even when Robin tells him to remove his coat just before the snapshot.
19. "Zoo or False": Marshall tells and recants a number of stories of how he lost his wallet. If he's to be believed (and Ted's lie detection says he is), what's the truth about what happened?
He was mugged by a naked man
He was mugged by a monkey with a banana
He was mugged by the pizza delivery guy
Kids, we never actually found out
By way of explanation.....
The banana was Barney's story addition, and on the set of Robin's show Marshall insists it wasn't the monkey and walks off.
20. "Twin Beds": Robin essentially dumps her friends to move in with her boyfriend. If this guy's so important, what's his name?
21. "Robots vs. Wrestlers": After being made fun of by the group Ted finds himself in his element at a party attended by all of these pretentious snoots, except for:
Actor Willem Dafoe
Political columnist Arianna Huffington
Director Peter Bogdanovich
NY Times Crossword editor Will Shortz
By way of explanation.....
Michael York also guest stars as the party's fictional host Jefferson Van Smoot.
22. "The Wedding Bride": Who plays Ted in the movie version of how Stella left him at the alter?
French Stewart
Chris Kattan
Paul Rudd
James Roday
By way of explanation.....
Malin Akerman plays Stella and Kattan plays the arrogant, powerful, corrupt architect "Jed Mosely."
23. "Dopplegangers": Which one of these candidates is the fifth doppleganger?
Cab driver Barney
Estonian street performer Barney
Pretzel vendor Barney
Fashion model Barney
By way of explanation.....
Barney masquerades as the cabbie and street performer, but it's a pretzel vendor who looks nothing like him that Lily sees as the universe's signal to have a baby.
24. "Dopplegangers": Robin is presented with a great job offer but a difficult choice. What's the outcome?
She takes the job in Chicago, leaving Don and the gang in New York
She takes the job in Chicago and Don comes with her
She rejects the offer and stays in New York with Don
She rejects the offer but Don takes it and leaves
By way of explanation.....
Robin goes to Ted and asks to move back in, and after a talk they almost kiss but Ted's blond hair makes her laugh.
25. Which episode this season featured a big musical number performed in the streets?
The Sexless Innkeeper
Girls vs. Suits
Home Wreckers
By way of explanation.....
Neil Patrick Harris sings "Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit"

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