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How Well Do You Know: For Love of the Game
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1. The night before the final game of the season, Billy waits in vain in a hotel room for Jane. Under what name is he registered?
Tim Drummond
Patrick Axe
James Jones
Mike Nelson
2. The morning of the game, Gary Wheeler comes to visit Billy and says the organization wants to trade him to:
The Giants
The Reds
The Royals
The Twins
3. Billy meets with Jane for the first time in the movie in this location:
At a ball field in Central Park
In a subway station
In the hotel lobby
In a taxi cab
4. Jane announces that she is taking a job in this foreign city:
5. Vin Scully calls the New York-Detroit game. Alongside him is which other announcer?
Steve Lyons
Steve Stone
Ron Santo
Rick Monday
6. In the tunnel before the game, Billy meets a young man named Ken. What is Billy's relation to Ken?
He is the owner's son
He used to be a bat boy for the Tigers
He is Jane's nephew
He is the manager's grandson
7. What is Billy's record on the year coming into the game?
8. What does Billy say to force himself to tune out the noise of the crowd?
Control the situation
Clear the mechanism
Cinch the knot
Loop the soundtrack
9. "I can't think of a better reason not to be a Yankee." Who is the object of Billy's disdain?
Davis Birch
Kenny Howell
Sam Tuttle
Ted Franklin
10. After the first inning, Billy recalls meeting Jane for the first time, which was this many years earlier:
11. Billy takes Jane to see him pitch a game. At a restaurant afterward, he asks her three questions. What was the third question?
How happy do you feel right now?
How do you like to be kissed?
Will you remember this night a year from now?
Do you know how long I've been waiting for you?
12. When Billy calls Jane from spring training, she uses a word for the second time in their relationship that angers Billy. What is it?
13. Billy's rather hapless teammate Mickey Hart is best-known for having a ball bounce over his head for a home run. In which city did this occur?
Kansas City
14. On the team plane with the Tigers, Jane's daughter Heather gives Billy a hard time for his choice of this beverage:
Cranberry juice
A screwdriver
V8 Juice
Hawaiian Punch
15. "The last leg double Sinski had was:"
During the Reagan administration
When the Dead Sea was only sick
When ten cent cigars were only a nickel
At the height of free love
16. The Tigers mount a scoring threat, Billy remembers the injury that almost ended his career. What was Billy doing when he got injured?
Operating a saw
Ice skating with Heather
Repairing a lawnmower
Fixing his car
17. When Billy starts to get into trouble, Frank Perry comes to the mound. Billy successfully argues with Perry to leave him in, but won't let Perry leave the mound without:
Telling Billy he believes in him
Apologizing to Gus for an earlier slight
Giving Chapel a pat on the fanny
Tipping his cap to Billy
18. Scenes of Billy struggling to come back from his injury are accompanied by this righteous classic rock song:
I Won't Back Down
Against the Wind
Like a Rock
Dream On
19. Billy doesn't realize that he has a perfect game going until he has a discussion with Gus during:
The top of the ninth
The end of the seventh
The bottom of the eighth
The bottom of the ninth
20. Jane's decision to leave is based in her belief that:
She isn't good for Billy
Billy doesn't need her
Billy doesn't believe in herself
Billy isn't good for her
21. In the dugout before the bottom of the ninth, Billy autographs a baseball and instructs that it be delivered to:
Gus's son
Wheeler's nephew
22. "And tonight, I think he might be able to use that aching old arm one more time to push the sun back up in the sky and give us:"
A little more time in the light
A reason to believe again
One more day of summer
Something to remember when we're old
23. The final out of the game is recorded on a:
Ground ball back to the pitcher
Ball that Gus caught in foul territory
High chopper to second base
24. This is the final score in the game:
25. Billy and Jane meet again at the end of the movie:
In the hotel lobby
At the airport
At Grand Central Station
In London

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