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How Well Do You Know: Shutter Island
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1. On the way to Shutter Island, U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels is having a more urgent problem than finding an escaped patient. What does he say it is?
he lost his gun
he is seasick
he has a headache
his partner missed the ferry
2. Where does Teddy's new partner, Marshal Chuck Aule, say he is from?
3. Teddy tells Chuck his wife died in a(n):
apartment fire
car accident
freak accident
pedestrian hit-and-run
4. Teddy finds a note in the room of Rachel Solando, the missing patient he and Chuck are trying to find. What does the note say?
"Get out, now. Why them?"
"4 8 15 16 23 42"
"The eagle flies at midnight."
"The law of 4. Who is 67?"
5. Deputy Warden McPherson tells Teddy that the lighthouse is used as a:
supply storage center
sewage treatment facility
holding cell until prisoners can be transferred to the prison
6. While visiting with Drs. Naehring and Cawley, Dr. Naehring asks Teddy who raised him. Teddy's response?
"The best mother on earth."
"I don't see why that matters."
7. Teddy is told about an amazing new antipsychotic drug being given to some of the patients - the first of its kind. What is it called?
8. Teddy sets off a patient he is interrogating about Rachel Solando. What is Teddy doing that drives the patient crazy, so to speak?
snapping his gum
scribbling furiously in his notebook with a pencil
cracking his knuckles
tapping his fingers on the table top
9. What does Mrs. Kearns, another patient, write in Teddy's notebook once Chuck has gone to get her a glass of water?
10. Why does Teddy tell Chuck he intentionally took on this case?
He wanted to see what this mysterious place was all about
He wanted to investigate claims that Dr. Naehring was a Nazi supporter
He wanted to gain access to the man responsible for starting the fire that killed his wife
He had heard reports that patients were dealing with deplorable conditions and wanted to set the record straight
11. Teddy and Chuck finally get back to Ashecliffe after having to take refuge from the storm, to find that:
Andrew Laeddis has committed suicide
Dr. Sheehan has returned to the island on the ferry
The phone lines have gone down again
Rachel Solando has been found
12. While being interrogated, Rachel mistakes Teddy for:
Dr. Sheehan
Dr. Cawley
her dead husband
her son
13. What problem does Teddy start having while at Shutter Island?
leg cramps
temporary blindness
ringing in the ears
14. The backup generator dies, the patients are running loose, and Teddy decides it's time to check out the C Ward. While there, a patient grabs Teddy and starts yelling at him about...what?
the hydrogen bomb
psychotropic drugs
solitary confinement
15. What does Teddy hear being whispered as he's walking down a corridor in the C-Ward?
16. Patient George Noyce tells Teddy what really goes on in the lighthouse. What is it?
fitness activities
one-on-one psychiatric sessions
17. Chuck finds Teddy and tells him that he has obtained Andrew Laeddis' admittance form, which proves...what?
He is somewhere on Shutter Island
He was convicted of a violent crime
He is the 67th patient
The guards were lying about his not being on the island
18. After deciding to go to the lighthouse on his own, Teddy turns around and goes back to tell Chuck he can't get there due to the tide. Unfortunately, it seems Chuck fell to his death on the rocks. What clues Teddy in to this fact before he sees Chuck's body?
a torn piece of shirt hanging from a rock
a cigarette butt sitting on a ledge
a shoe on the ground
blood on the rocks
19. What discovery does Teddy make when he finds a cave while climbing the rocks, trying to find Chuck's body (which seems to have disappeared)?
Chuck was seeking refuge in a cave
Cawley has guards on lookout in the caves
the real Rachel Solando is hiding out after escaping from Ashecliffe
He could see into the lighthouse from a spot in the cave
20. On the way back from the cave, Teddy runs into the warden, who gives him a ride back to Ashecliffe. During the car ride, the warden tells Teddy that God loves:
21. After being told by Dr. Cawley that he came to the island alone, without a partner, Teddy causes a distraction so he can get to the lighthouse. What does he do?
he pulls a fire alarm
he attacks a patient, who then needs instant medical attention
he sets fire to Dr. Cawley's car
he turns off the electricity in the C-Ward
22. Why is Teddy trying to get back to the lighthouse?
He believes Chuck is being held there
He believes Rachel Solando has gone there
He knows Dr. Cawley is there and wants to confront him
He wants to see if the ferry is coming so he can get back to the mainland
23. Teddy gets to the top of the lighthouse and finds Dr. Cawley sitting at a desk, waiting for him. What are Dr. Cawley's first words to Teddy?
"I've been waiting."
"What took you so long, Marshal?"
"Nice to see you, Andrew."
"Why are you all wet, baby?"
24. What does the "Law of 4" relate to?
the number of children Teddy/Andrew had
anagrams of Andrew's and his wife's names
how many gunshots Andrew put into his wife
25. After temporarily coming to his senses and admitting that he is Andrew Laeddis, responsible for killing his wife after she murdered their children, Andrew reverts back to his deluded self, becoming Teddy Daniels once again. In a conversation with "Chuck"/Dr. Sheehan, Teddy wonders if it's better to:
remember what he did or forget it ever happened
live in Ashecliffe or kill himself
live with the guilt or let the guilt kill him
live as a monster or die as a good man

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