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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: The Front
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What is Lisa going to change her name to when she grows up?
Lois Sanborn
Laura Singer
Lucy Spellman
Linda Sorensen
Bart and Lisa watch a particularly lifeless outing of Itchy and Scratchy, which ends with a very special message:
Kids, Gang Violence Is Wrong!
Kids, Learn CPR!
Kids, Say No To Drugs!
Kids, Don’t Pollute!
When Lisa asks Bart if he’s thinking what she’s thinking, what is Bart thinking about?
hijacking Santa’s sleigh
pantsing Skinner at the school assembly
destroying the school with giant robots
how much better his life would be if he had a moustache
Homer has to tell Marge his horrible secret from his past – and not the one about eating her fancy soaps. He never passed high school because he failed:
Remedial Science IA
Remedial English 1A
Remedial Math 1A
Remedial Gym 1A
Bart and Lisa’s cartoon script is rejected, so they decide to use Grandpa as a front. When they visit him, Grandpa is typing a letter to the sickos at:
Martha Stewart Living
Modern Bride Magazine
The caption on Homer’s high school yearbook photo is:
“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”
“Time to make the donuts”
“Tastes great! Less filling!”
“There’s always room for Jell-O”
Principal Dondelinger was just leafing through the class of ‘74s permanent records and reveals that Homer never graduated. Homer has to give back all the awards he won, which include all of the following except:
Lowest Paying Job
Most Improved Odor
Least Likely to Still Be Alive
Person Who Travelled the Least to Come to the Reunion
In the Itchy and Scratchy cartoons, all of the following mishaps happen to Scratchy except:
having the flesh on his head eaten by ants
having his tongue tied to an escalator
being savagely beaten by fur protesters
being shot by Elvis
Apparently Grandpa once took a shot at:
Teddy Roosevelt
Al Jolson
Charles Lindbergh
Babe Ruth
Abe Simpson’s award for “writing” Little Barbershop of Horrors is presented by Krusty the Clown and:
Sally Field
Kelly McGillis
Rebecca de Mornay
Brooke Shields
Chastened by Grandpa’s speech, one of the Itchy and Scratchy writers says he’s going to do what he’s always wanted – write a sitcom about:
a loser delivery guy
a sexy mutant
a sassy robot
a mad inventor
It’s 2024 and Homer and Marge attend their 50th high school reunion. What is odd about Homer’s appearance?
he has a bucket stuck on his foot
he has his hand stuck in a toaster
he has a cactus stuck to his back
he has a plunger stuck to his head

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