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How Well Do You Know: Legally Blonde
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1. Elle Woods is president of what sorority?
Omega Rho
Lambda Lambda Lambda
Sigma Phi
Delta Nu
2. Elle thinks her boyfriend Warner is going to propose to her - he dumps her instead. What reason does he give for breaking up with her before going to Harvard Law School?
He needs a woman whose family has more money
He needs to marry a Jackie, not a Marilyn
He is more attracted to redheads
He wants a wife who has graduated from an Ivy League school
3. Elle's mother does not understand why she'd want to attend Harvard Law, reminding her she was 1st runner-up in the __________ pageant...why would Elle want to throw that all away?
Miss Hawaiian Tropics
Miss Teen USA
Young Miss California
Miss Hooters
4. Elle's father says law school is for people who:
have a superiority complex
are boring, ugly and serious
can't think of anything better to do with their lives
want to flush money down the toilet
5. What is Elle's undergraduate college major?
culinary arts
fashion merchandising
physical education
6. Elle gets kicked out of her first class at Harvard for not being prepared, thanks in part to a girl who turns out to be:
her roommate
Warner's new fiancée
a teaching assistant
her R.A.
7. How does Elle deal with the stress of being humiliated during her first class?
she gets drunk
she jogs around campus in skimpy clothing
she gets a manicure
she buys shoes
8. Elle decides to get Warner's attention - instead getting every man on the field's attention - by doing what at his touch football game?
studying on the sidelines in her bikini
flashing Warner
sweet-talking the other players
giving out kisses as rewards for scoring touchdowns
9. Elle gets used to legal jargon by helping her manicurist friend Paulette get ________ from her ex.
her former house
her dog
money owed
her truck
10. Elle one-ups Warner in Professor Callahan's class while discussing a case regarding...what?
drinking and driving
charity work
alcohol abuse
sperm donation
11. Professor Callahan asks Elle for her resume and is surprised to discover it is:
pink and scented
shaped like a heart
covered in glitter
stamped with butterflies and smiley faces
12. Elle tells Warner (and his fiancée Vivian) that getting picked as a 1st year intern to help with Callahan's firm's trial is even better than:
the 4 hours in the hot tub post-Winter Formal
getting her favorite pair of Pradas on clearance
being elected president of Delta Nu
the time the neighboring sorority asked her for advice on how to have a successful fundraiser
13. How does Elle know Brooke, the woman accused of murdering her husband?
She was a Delta Nu and Elle took her exercise classes
She was Elle's former nanny
Brooke was Elle's father's mistress for many years
Brooke's husband was Elle's limo driver
14. Brooke tells Callahan that the jury should be shown ________ so they can understand why she loved her husband in spite of their 30+ year age difference.
their wedding pictures
a sex tape
a picture of his genitalia
a bank account statement
15. What does Brooke remember Elle for?
her high kick
her hair
her perky ass
her dog Bruiser
16. Paulette is smitten with the UPS Man, but can't work up the nerve to speak to him. What does Elle teach Paulette so she can catch his attention?
the hair flip
the bend and snap
the wink and giggle
the eyelash flutter
17. What does Elle refer to as "the Bible" when speaking to Brooke in prison?
Marie Claire
18. Brooke tells Elle her alibi, but feels it is so shameful, she swears Elle to secrecy. What WAS Brooke doing at the time of her husband's murder?
she was sleeping with her fitness instructor
she was having her grey hair dyed
she was having liposuction
she was in a mental institution after having a nervous breakdown
19. Where do Elle and law associate Emmett go in order to speak to the victim's ex-wife?
a gym
a spa
a bar
20. Brooke, to Elle, refusing to admit that she was having an affair with the pool boy: "A Delta Nu would never sleep with a man who ____________."
gets more manicures than she does
is losing his hair
wears a thong
buys his clothes at Wal-Mart
21. What happens when Paulette finally tries the 'bend and snap' with the UPS Man?
he asks her out on a date
he kisses her
she breaks his nose
she slips and falls, losing consciousness
22. How does Elle figure out that the pool boy is gay?
He mentions that her Prada shoes are last year's
She spots him kissing his boyfriend during a court recess
She overhears him talking about his entry in a gay beauty pageant
He quotes Cher and Barbra Streisand song lyrics while talking to Elle
23. Why does Elle (temporarily) quit the case?
Brooke doubts her ability to win the case
Callahan hits on her
She and Warner fight about where their relationship stands
Vivian accuses her of sabotaging the case so she can stay friends with Brooke
24. Elle winds up getting the case against Brooke dismissed, after proving that the victim's daughter killed him. She figures this out based on the daughter's comment regarding:
a manicure
a department store
a perm
25. We learn a variety of information about what happens to Elle and her friends/acquaintances during the final scene at Harvard Law's graduation ceremony. Which of the following is false?
Paulette married the UPS Man
Emmett will be proposing to Elle that night
Callahan resigned from Harvard shortly after being fired from Brooke's case
Vivian and Elle are now best friends

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