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How Well Do You Know: Hairspray
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1. Hairspray takes place in what city?
2. John Waters, writer and director of the 1988 version of Hairspray, has a cameo in the opening musical number as a:
drunk in a bar
garbage truck driver
3. Tracy Turnblad gets reprimanded in social studies class for:
being late to class
fall asleep during a lesson
inappropriate hair height
talking to her friend Penny
4. Tracy and friend Penny Pingleton rush home after school to watch their favorite show. What is the name of the show's host?
Spiffy Simpson
Corny Collins
Lucky Lewis
Handsome Harris
5. There is an opening for a new dancer on the Corny Collins show because one of the existing dancers is:
going to college
getting married
6. What title did station manager Velma von Tussle hold when she was younger?
Miss Maryland Madam
Miss Baltimore Crabs
Little Miss Oriole
Miss Mid-Atlantic
7. Tracy's crush Link Larkin notices her dancing skills while she's dancing:
while waiting for the bus to arrive
in the cafeteria
in detention
in gym class
8. Tracy snags the spot on the Corny Collins show by borrowing the dance move that _______ taught her.
Link Larkin
Amber von Tussle
Seaweed Stubbs
Corny Collins
9. Tracy causes a stir behind the scenes at The Corny Collins Show regarding her comments on:
the show's host
the girls on the show
10. Tracy asks her mother Edna to be her agent after Mr. Pinky's Hefty Hideaway asks her to be their spokesgirl. Edna is hesitant...why?
she doesn't think a teenager should be a spokesperson
she hasn't left the house in years
she doesn't think the public will like an overweight spokesperson
she used to date Mr. Pinky
11. After kicking Tracy out of his class, Mr. Flak asks Link to repeat Patrick Henry's last words. What is Link's response (that lands him in detention with Tracy)?
Kiss my ass?
Eat my shorts?
Pucker up?
Drop dead?
12. Who alerts Edna to Tracy's whereabouts on the 'wrong side of town'?
Velma von Tussle
Link Larkin
Amber von Tussle
Prudy Pingleton, Penny's mother
13. Velma von Tussle heads over to Mr. Turnblad's store to stir up some marital trouble between the Turnblads. What is the name of his joke shop?
Joke Factory
The Laugh Shop
Hardy Har Hut
Humor Hideout
14. What news does Motormouth Maybelle share with the crowd that has gathered to dance at the record shop?
Seaweed's sister Inez will be on the Corny Collins show
there will be no more Negro Day on the Corny Collins show
Corny Colliins is quitting
bad ratings may mean the Corny Collins show could be cancelled
15. What does Wilbur Turnblad use as a makeshift bed after wife Edna kicks him out of the house, mistakenly thinking he was getting a little too close for comfort with Velma von Tussle?
bubble wrap
couch cushions
whoopie cushions
16. Tracy is arrested during the march for integration for:
spitting on a police officer
hitting a police officer over the head with a sign
continuing to dance and chant after being told not to
17. What happens to Tracy when she goes to Penny's house for help after running from the police?
Penny helps her escape
Penny's mother locks her in the basement bomb shelter
Penny calls the police on Tracy
Penny's mother calls Tracy's mother to come get her
18. Tracy sneaks in to the Corny Collins Show - where the Miss Hairspray will be crowned - via:
hiding out under her mother's trench coat
a giant hairspray can
the trunk of a car
a rolling refreshment cart
19. Who is voted Miss Hairspray?
Amber von Tussle
Tracy Turnblad
Inez Stubbs
Penny Pingleton
20. Velma is fired as station manager after Edna gets her on camera:
admitting she held onto votes so Amber would win
calling Tracy a fat cow
saying she'd rather die than have integrated television programs
putting down Corny Collins's skills in the sack

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