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How Well Do You Know: Ghostbusters
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She say's he's like a game show host not a talk show host, although he becomes one in GB2
574crystal 6/23/10 9:16 pm


1. Where is the location of the paranormal experience that opens the movie?
Times Square
Statue of Liberty
Central Park Boathouse
NY Public Library
2. What is written on the door to the Paranormal Studies office where Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler are currently working?
Get lost, ghost hunters!
Venkman, burn in hell!
I ain't afraid of no ghost!
3. Who does Venkman compare the group to after they are kicked out of their office at Columbia University?
Joe Dimaggio
4. What does Ray do in order to be able to afford a new office location?
re-finances his family home
moonlights as a pizza delivery man
sells his car
has a yard sale where he sells the entire contents of his home
5. The new office is located in a former:
fire station
fast food restaurant
6. What happens in Dana Barrett's kitchen that alerts her to the fact that something freaky is going on?
Her refrigerator travels across the room.
The eggs jump out of the carton, and crack and fry on her countertop.
The water in the teapot boils even though the burner is not on.
Boxes of food start flying out of the pantry.
7. What is receptionist Janine reading when approached by Spengler, during which conversation she mentions how much she loves to read?
Haunted Times
Time Out New York
8. What does Egon tell Janine his hobbies are?
eating and sleeping
kicking ass and taking names
bustin' ghosts
collecting spores, molds and fungus
9. Dana tells Peter he acts not like a scientist, but like a(n):
game show host
uneducated buffoon
10. What is the license plate of the Ghostmobile?
11. The Ghostbusters are called to which hotel, to deal with a green ghost that's wreaking havoc on the 12th floor?
12. After the success at the Sedgewick Hotel, the Ghostbusters show up on various talk shows and magazine covers. Which magazine did they NOT grace the cover of?
NY Post
USA Today
13. Why does Peter tell the Environmental Protection Agency's Walter Peck that he is not allowed to see the storage facility where the ghosts are incinerated?
The ghosts are sleeping.
Visiting hours are over.
Peck's co-workers had already checked out the facility.
Peck didn't say the "magic word".
14. Nerdy Louis Tully tries yet again to spend some quality time with neighbor Dana. What does he say will be happening at his upcoming party?
There will be an orgy.
one word: Monopoly!
Twister will be played.
There will be a beer pong competition.
15. Although he had an inkling after arriving at her house, what convinces Peter that Dana has been possessed by a spirit?
She levitates off the bed.
She spews venom at him.
Her head spins around.
She tells him she's not feeling like herself.
16. What do Ray and new hire Winston discuss while riding in the Ghostmobile?
Peter's chance of getting Dana to fall in love with him
Judgement Day
the first ghosts they ever saw
NY Public Transit system
17. How do the captured ghosts wind up escaping from the protection grid back into NYC?
the EPA shuts off the electricity
Louis Tully breaks in the building and sets them free
Winston accidentally bumps into the grid's power switch and shuts it off
Janine unplugged the cord while cleaning
18. How are the Ghostbusters able to leave jail after their arrest?
A fund is set up, gathering enough money for them to make bail
Peter bribes a guard
a mob gathers outside for support, making enough of a fuss that the warden feels pressured to let them free
The mayor wants to speak with them
19. Where does the final battle between the Ghostbusters and Gozer take place?
Ghostbusters HQ
Brooklyn Bridge
NY Public Library
Dana's apartment building
20. The Ghostbusters are surprised to find that Gozer is in the form of:
a woman
a giant
EPA's Walter Peck
a dog
21. Which Ghostbuster is responsible for choosing the Stay-Puft Man as the Traveler's form?
22. What do the guys decide is the best course of action for defeating Gozer?
"Blast her over the river into New Jersey and let them deal with her!"
"Sleep with her first and wear her out!"
"Cross the streams!"
23. After the battle is over, marshmallow-covered Spengler says he feels like...what?
he's been to hell and back
the floor of a taxicab
going to Disneyland
24. The Ghostbusters rescue Dana and Louis after the battle is over. Where were they?
trapped in the Statue of Liberty's torch
stuck inside the dog statues that had come to life
Ghostbusters HQ
the trunk of the Ghostmobile
25. Ghostbusters was nominated for 2 Academy Awards - Visual Effects, and:
Original Song
Supporting Actress

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