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How Well Do You Know: Something's Gotta Give
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1. Despite his protests that he "doesn't have a 'type'", why does Marin think that her mother is not Harry's type?
Her mother is over the age of 30
Her mother is college-educated
Her mother is not rich
Her mother is a blonde and Harry only likes brunettes
2. Marin tells Harry that Erica _________ after splitting up with Marin's father, as part of her "keep busy, don't look back" program?
moved to Los Angeles
learned to decorate cakes
took cooking classes
took French lessons
3. What is Harry's profession?
entertainment lawyer
owner of a record company
luxury car salesman
comedy club owner
4. Harry and Marin met at:
the gym
a charity walk
a wine auction
a concert
5. At dinner, the women talk to Harry about an article about him in New York Magazine about his reluctance to marry. The article, "The Escape Artist", mentioned he was once engaged to...who?
Diane Sawyer
Joni Mitchell
Elizabeth Taylor
Martha Stewart
6. After dinner, Erica and Zoe hear music playing in Harry an Marin's room that causes them to roll their eyes. What song is playing in the background during Harry and Marin's ill-fated attempt at a romantic night together?
Let's Stay Together
Sexual Healing
I'll Make Love to You
Let's Get It On
7. While in the hospital, Harry is enbarrassed to admit in front of the ladies that he:
has already had multiple heart attacks
is 10 yrs older than he claimed to be
had taken Viagra earlier in the day
needed help using the bathroom
8. Harry's first night at Erica's post-hospitalization does not go well, due in part to the fact that she catches him:
smoking a cigar
drinking vodka out of the bottle
searching through her dresser drawers
popping pills
9. Harry's doctor Julian tells him that once he's able to __________, he can get "Mr. Midnight" up and running again.
climb a flight of stairs
walk a half mile without being out of breath
jog in place for 2 minutes
do 5 pushups
10. While out for a walk on the beach, what does Harry give to Erica as 'something to remember him by'?
one of his cigars
a stick
a black rock
a piece of sea glass
11. What do Erica and Harry do after she returns from her date with doctor Julian?
watch TV
have cyber-sex
open a bottle of wine to "celebrate" the fact she had a date
make pancakes
12. What does Erica insist be done before she and Harry have sex?
Harry put on a condom
Harry's blood pressure be taken
Harry needs to take Viagra
music to put them "in the mood" needs to be turned on
13. Erica and Harry both cry after having sex - Erica because she was happy to not be 'closed up for business', and Harry because:
he feels guilty about sleeping with his ex's mother the day he broke up with the ex
he couldn't believe he had sex with a woman his own age
he had sex days after a heart attack and didn't die
he was having chest pains again
14. Harry gives Erica quite the compliment post-intercourse. He says she is:
the funniest girl he's ever had sex with
beautiful for "a woman her age"
not bad in the sack for an old chick
15. What does Erica give Harry as he's leaving as something to remember her by?
a jar of stones
a bottle of champagne
a framed picture of the Eiffel Tower
a scarf
16. Marin calls Erica shortly after Harry leaves, with the news that:
she's pregnant with Harry's baby
her father is engaged to a girl 2 yrs older than her
she wants Harry back
doctor Julian has asked her on a date - would Erica mind if she said yes?
17. Erica stands Julian up on their second date. Where is she instead?
at dinner with Marin, her ex-husband and his new fiancee
on a date with Harry
at the theater with her sister Zoe
at home, crying over Harry leaving
18. Erica freaks out after seeing Harry at a restaurant with another (young) woman. Harry, in turn, _____________.
sends the young woman home
tells Erica the young woman is his daughter
hyperventilates due to stress and gets rushed to the E.R.
asks for Marin's help in calming Erica down
19. Zoe, to Erica: "I got you something great at the farm stand." The 'something great' is:
Julian (holding a bouquet of flowers)
Harry (holding a jar of white rocks)
Marin (holding a bottle of wine)
her ex-husband (holding a copy of her latest play)
20. Julian says he will forgive Erica for standing him up on their last date if:
she sleeps with him
she goes out on another date with him
she kisses him
she will admit to him that she was in love with Harry
21. How does Harry find out that Erica has written a play based on their failed relationship?
he reads a review in the newspaper
he sees an interview with Erica where she admits she used real-life events
he sees an advertisement and the man in the picture looks a lot like him
his date tells him about the plot of the play she auditioned for
22. What is the name of Erica's new play, based on her relationship with Harry?
I Love Ya
A Woman to Love
The Escape Artist
A Flight of Stairs
By way of explanation.....
"The Escape Artist" was the name of the magazine article written about Harry that Zoe and Erica discuss at the beginning of the movie.
23. Harry visits Marin after some time away to find that she:
wants to get back together with him
is living with Erica
is married and pregnant
is the star of Erica's new play
24. Where does Harry go to find Erica and apologize for his past behavior?
the theater where her play is running
her house in the Hamptons
a hospital
a restaurant in Paris
25. What did Harry tell Erica that he did in the 6 months since they last saw each other?
apologized to every woman he'd ever been with/hurt in order to give them closure
laid in bed and cried over Erica
went to a therapist to deal with his issues
visited every country in Europe

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