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How Well Do You Know: Breakfast at Tiffany's
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1. At the beginning of the film, Holly Golightly is trying to get rid of Sid Arbuck, a suitor she jilted the previous night. She's having trouble getting into her apartment, though - why?
Sid is blocking the doorway
Holly has once again forgotten her key
Nobody is not allowed in the apartment since exterminators are there
Sid has pushed her to the floor
2. Holly calms down angry landlord Mr. Yunioshi by saying if he forgets about the hassle of having to buzz her in, she might be willing to consider:
sleeping with him
getting a key made
posing for pictures he wants to take
moving out of the building
3. New tenant Paul Varjak can't get in to his apartment, so he asks Holly if he can use her phone. Holly's phone seems to be hiding, though - where was it?
in a suitcase
in between the couch cushions
in the refrigerator
under the bed
4. Why hasn't Holly given her cat a name?
She can't think of an appropriate one
She feels she doesn't have the right to give him one
She is waiting for someone else to name him
She is waiting for the cat to "tell" her what he should be named
5. Holly is alerted to the fact that it's Thursday, and is happy to be reminded, since she has an appointment every Thursday morning. Where does she go?
her therapist
dancing lessons
6. Paul introduces Holly to Mrs. Falenson as his:
7. Holly makes a late night visit to Paul's apartment via fire escape on his first night there because she:
ran out of cigarettes and really needed one
is trying to escape a drunken "suitor"
forgot her key again
wants to talk to him about his decorator friend
8. What is the name of Paul Varjak's only book?
Sixteen Candles
Nine Lives
Three Strikes
Lucky Number Seven
9. Holly starts calling Paul "Fred", after her:
first boyfriend
10. Holly apologizes to Paul for overreacting and storming out of his apartment by buying him:
a typewriter ribbon
a lamp for his new apartment
a keychain
11. Agent O.J. Berman and Paul discuss whether Holly is a ______ while at Holly's party.
drama queen
12. Holly and Paul's conversation on the fire escape is cut short by the arrival of Mrs. Falenson (aka '2E'), who is worried she is being followed. Paul goes to investigate, and finds that the mystery man is...who?
Holly's father
Holly's ex-husband
a private eye hired by Mrs. Falenson's husband
one of Holly's jilted suitors
13. Where is horse doctor Doc Golightly currently living with his children?
14. What is Holly's real name?
Lula Mae
Sue Ellen
15. Where do Paul and Holly go immediately after getting rid of Doc at the bus station?
Sing Sing
a strip club
Central Park
Paul's apartment
16. A drunken Holly informs Paul of her intention to:
date Paul
become a nun
go back to Doc
marry the rich Rusty Trawler
17. Paul and Holly make up after their drunken fight, and go out to celebrate:
Paul selling a story
Holly getting engaged
Paul moving out of the apartment building
Fred getting out of the army
18. What do Holly and Paul do while browsing at Tiffany's?
buy a diamond necklace for Holly
look at the clearance merchandise
purchase a telephone dialer
get Paul's ring from the Cracker Jack box engraved
By way of explanation.....
the clerk offered the telephone dialer for $6.75 but Paul wanted to buy something more 'romantic' in nature
19. What masks do Holly and Paul steal from the 5-and-10 store?
cowboy and Indian
cat and dog
Bert and Ernie
mouse and cheese
20. After ending his arrangement with 2E, Paul searches for Holly, finally finding her at:
the library
the track
the 5-and-10 store
21. What does a heartbroken Paul give Holly after he tells her he loves her, and she responds with news that she's planning to marry wealthy Brazilian José?
the engraved ring he had just picked up
The $50 check he received for his published work
a bouquet of flowers
a kiss
22. What news does Holly receive shortly after she and José arrive home from a party?
José is engaged to another woman
Doc is back in town
Paul is back with 2E
her brother Fred has died
23. Holly and Paul return home after a 'farewell dinner' to find Mr. Yunioshi and ___________ waiting for her inside her apartment.
Sally Tomato
Mag Wildwood
the police
24. Holly leaves jail the next morning after her bail is posted, to find that:
Mr. Yunioshi has kicked her out of the apartment
Cat was sent to an animal shelter
José has broken up with her
her flight to Brazil has been cancelled
25. Holly leaves the taxi that was taking her to the airport, and reunites with Paul (who is searching for the abandoned cat in an alleyway) after seeing...what?
the Cracker Jack ring from Paul
the plane ticket to Brazil torn into pieces
Paul kissing another woman
a bird in a cage

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