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How Well Do You Know: The Graduate
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1. What did Benjamin Braddock receive from his parents as a college graduation present?
a sports car
a house
a bust of his likeness
a Caribbean vacation
2. What was the name of the award Ben won while in school?
3. Ben was all but WHAT in college?
captain of the cross-country team
head of the debate club
lead trumpet in the youth orchestra
associate editor of the college newspaper
4. Mrs. Robinson asks Ben if he'll give her a ride home from his graduation party. Why does she need one?
her car won't start
she has a migraine and is unable to drive herself
she has lost her car keys somewhere in the Braddock house
her husband left early and took the car with him
5. What does Mrs. Robinson do after Ben, against his wishes, agrees to bring her home?
kisses him
throws his keys in the fishtank
slaps him across the face
tells him it will be an experience he'll never forget
6. Mrs. Robinson decides to slip out of her dress after she gets Ben into the same room as her. How did she get him into the room?
She wants to show him a picture of her daughter.
She pretends to faint in the doorway.
She asks for his help in getting her drunken self into bed.
She insists on giving him gas money, which happens to be stashed in a dresser drawer.
7. Frisky Mrs. Robinson gets totally undressed after sending Ben on an errand, so he'll return to find her completely naked. What was the errand?
"Lock the front door."
"Fetch my purse."
"Pour me a scotch."
"Turn on the hallway light."
8. Where does Elaine Robinson go to school?
Golden Gate University
9. What gift does Ben get from his parents for his 21st birthday?
a boat
an application for grad school
scuba gear
another car
10. What is the name of the hotel Ben goes to in order to meet Mrs. Robinson for a rendezvous?
11. Poor Ben - he's so nervous while getting a room. Who does he sign the register as?
Mr. Robinson
Mr. Gladstone
Mr. Singleman
Mr. Smith
By way of explanation.....
The hotel clerk asked if he was part of the "Singleman party" having an event in a banquet room, but he signed the register as Mr. Gladstone.
12. Ben feels that he and Mrs. Robinson should be able to do more than just have sex - he wants to be able to talk as well. What is the subject of the forced conversation they then have?
13. What was Mrs. Robinson's major in college?
political science
14. What quip from Ben sets Mrs. Robinson off?
"I think I'm in love with your daughter."
"If not you, why NOT Elaine?"
"Old Elaine Robinson got started in a Ford."
"I wonder if the Robinson daughter has half as much baggage as the Robinson mother."
15. Despite Mrs. Robinson's anger over the situation, Ben takes daughter Elaine out on a date. Where does he take her to start the night off right?
Bingo hall
gas station
strip club
16. Who tells Elaine about Ben's affair with her mother?
Mr. Robinson
Mr. Braddock
Mrs. Robinson
17. Ben decides to rent a room near Elaine's school, so he can be closer to her. What does the landlord say he won't stand for?
female visitors
outside agitators
loud noises
college antics and hullabaloo
18. Never one to give up, Ben pretty much stalks Elaine, eventually jumping on a bus she's riding and getting her to agree to speak to him. Where does Elaine say she'll meet Ben so they can talk?
the aquarium's shark tank
the park's gazebo
the zoo's monkey house
the amusement park's Tilt-a-Whirl
19. Elaine sneaks into Ben's room in the middle of the night and asks him to...what?
explain why he slept with her mother
sleep with her
go away
kiss her
20. Elaine is not sure if she should accept Ben's hasty marriage proposal. She says there is another man she might also marry. What is his name?
Andrew Brown
Bill Jones
Carl Smith
David Simpson
21. Ben gets a visit from Mr. Robinson, who informs Ben that, among other things, he and Mrs. Robinson are divorcing. Ben claims that sex with her meant nothing to him, stating...what?
"I was imagining I was with Elaine instead."
"We might as well have been shaking hands."
"I was bored...nothing more, nothing less."
"It wasn't worth my time, to be honest."
22. After Ben finds out that Elaine and Carl Smith are going to be married the next morning, he tries to find them so he can stop the wedding. When he goes to Carl's school to get info from his frat buddies, they refer to Carl as...who?
Captain Awesome
Super Smitty
the Old Make-Out King
Doc Cock
23. Where are Elaine and Carl getting married?
Napa Valley
Las Vegas
Santa Barbara
24. Ben calls Carl's father's answering service to find out the location of the church? Who does Ben claim to be in order to get an answer?
Carl's reverend uncle
the church organist
one of Carl's frat buddies
Elaine's college English professor
25. Who supplied the songs in "The Graduate"'s soundtrack?
The Beatles
Grateful Dead
Led Zeppelin
Simon & Garfunkel

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