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How Well Do You Know: Fringe, Season 2
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1. In Episode 1, the traveler from the other universe needs to make contact with his home universe. What two items does he use to do so?
A Police Call Box and a Phone
An Xbox 360 and PS2 Controller
A typewriter and mirror
An Omni-watch and earpiece
2. In Episode 2, Dr. Hughes modified his wife’s baby with two different creatures’ DNA to survive her having lupus, thereby creating an underground mutant dweller. What type of DNA from two creatures did he use?
Spider & shrew
Earthworm & mole
Flea & snake
Scorpion & mole
3. In Episode 3 “Fracture,” what crystallized body part did Walter find that helped Peter find Officer Gilliespie when he exploded?
A finger
A toe
An ear
An eyeball
4. In Episode 4 “Momentum Deferred,” Dr. Bell referred to the invading army from the alternate universe as what?
The First Wave
The Seventh Wave
The Andromeda Strain
The Omega Sanction
5. In Episode 5 “Dream Logic,” people who died in the episode thought they were seeing demons. What part of their brain had been modified by a computer chip, causing them to go crazy?
6. In Episode 6 “Earthling,” the killer reduced his victims to what kind of material?
7. In Episode 7 “Of Human Action,” what childhood toy of Peter’s did Dr. Bishop use to emit white noise?
Teddy bear
A GI Joe Action Figure
A Strawberry Shortcake doll
A Mr. Potato Head
8. In episode 8 that focused on the Observer, we find out that there is more than one Observer. The episode title name is shared by the Observer in this episode. What is it?
9. In Episode 9 “Snakehead,” the Triad gang member that was in FBI Custody killed himself by using this smuggled weapon:
Razor blade
One-bullet gun
Steel blade implanted in shoe
10. Episode 10 “Grey Matters,” patients in a mental hospital had their brains being used as storage containers. What was being stored inside their brains?
Transplanted embryos
Transplanted teeth
Transplanted brain tissue
Rolex watches
11. In Episode 11 “Unearthed,” a young girl died on the operating table and woke up during transplant operation spouting code numbers. What were the code numbers for?
Bank routing numbers
Launch codes for nuclear missiles
Numbers for the sports book in Vegas
A string of pin numbers for ATM’s
12. In Episode “Johari Window,” the team investigates a small town in upstate New York whose residents attempted to hide themselves. What kind of people were attempting to live there?
Star Trek nerds
Disfigured people
Days of Our Lives fans
13. In “What Lies Below,” the people infected with the contagion died spraying what out of their mouths?
Black Oil
Red Mist
14. In “The Bishops Revival,” the outbreak of a contagion takes place at what function?
Bat mitzvah
A wedding
A Bris
WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony
15. In “Jacksonville,” Walter asks a man from the Other Universe what buildings were attacked on 9/11. What were they?
The Empire State Building and the Pentagon
The Pentagon and Smithsonian
The White House and The Pentagon
The Space Needle and The House Astrodome
16. In “Peter,” what device copied from the alternate-universe did Dr. Bishop show the army brass in 1985 to convince them of his project in alternate universe research?
An Xbox 360
A Laptop with a How Well Do You Know Quiz on Screen
An Ipod
A Motorola digital cell phone
17. In “Oliva. In the Lab. With a Revolver,” a man is able to kill people by touching them and giving them what?
18. In the episode “White Tulip,” Dr. Peck implanted what kind of temporal device into his body to allow him to time travel?
A tachyon pulse generator
A Faraday Mesh
Chroniton Slipstream Vest
Quantum Accelerator Bands
19. In “The Man From The Other Side,” shapeshifters from the Other Side invade the universe. They have what kind of element in their body?
Tachyon Particles
Chroniton Particulates
20. In “Brown Derby,” the Yes song that Walter smokes up to is:
Owner of a Lonely Heart
Starship Troopers
Big Generator
21. In “Northwest Passage” Peter made friends with a truck stop waitress, she was kidnapped and part of her brain was removed. What part was it?
Medulla oblongata
Temporal lobe
Occipital lobe
22. In “Over There, Part 1,” the Walter-nate (The Secretary) holds a Cabinet position in the alternate universe. What Cabinet position does he hold?
Secretary of Education
Secretary of Inter-Universal Affairs
Secretary of Health and Inhuman Services
Secretary of Defense
23. In “Over There, Part 2,” the alternate universe Department of Defense is located where?
Ellis Island
Liberty Island
Rhode Island
Florida Keys

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