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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Last Exit to Springfield
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In the latest McBain movie, Senator Mendoza is throwing a party at his villa to unveil his most diabolical creation, a drug ten times more addictive than marijuana. What is it called?
Mendoza’s party is interrupted by McBain, who was hiding inside an ice sculpture of:
Michelangelo’s David
the Statue of Liberty
the Thinker
the Venus de Milo
No one in real life is as evil as Mendoza... or perhaps there is someone. Mr. Burns reads through the Springfield Nuclear Plant employee contract, and is particularly outraged by the worker’s right to:
a green cookie on St. Patrick’s Day
a chocolate bunny rabbit at Easter
a candy cane at Christmas
a cake on their birthday
Which is not one of the allied trades in the union Homer is a member of?
Nuclear Technicians
Pet Groomers
Jazz Dancers
Pastry Chefs
Burns’ contract proposal has the employees giving up their dental plan. What would they get in return?
a free keg of beer at their meetings
the employee picnic would no longer be compulsory
the right to work without wearing pants
a pat on the back and a hearty well done
“Dental plan.” “Lisa needs braces” “Dental plan” “Lisa needs braces” What interrupts Homer’s train of thought?
the diamond in Lenny’s tooth
a pencil in his butt crack
a dog with a puffy tail
stupid, sexy Flanders
Lisa visits the dentist, Dr. Wolf. What is not one of the tools he introduces to her?
the scraper
the poker
the grater
the gouger
Homer is elected union president, but in he first negotiations with Mr Burns he believes his boss is coming onto him. Which phrase does not contribute to this belief?
If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours
If I should slip something into your pocket, what's the harm?
Negotiations make strange bedfellows
These backdoor shenanigans are quite ordinary
Homer goes to Mr Burns’ mansion to discuss the contract. On a tour, he sees a room of 1000 monkeys with 1000 typewriters, one of which has almost written the opening words to which novel?
A Tale of Two Cities
The Old Man and the Sea
Anna Karenina
Moby Dick
Grandpa is called into Mr Burns’s office as a strike-breaker. In the long-winded story he tells, what was the style at the time?
calling sauerkraut “liberty cabbage”
rich men riding in zeppelins dropping coins on people
wearing an onion on his belt
expressing his love physically
Lisa plays a protest song in support of the strikers. When it’s over, what song does Lenny request?
The Entertainer
Classical Gas
Spanish Flea
the Batman theme
Burns decides to break the strike by shutting off power to Springfield. However, his discovery that this tactic is not working parodies:
Dr Seuss
On the Waterfront
Elmer Fudd

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